MAG Is the pit safe?

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A gymnast in my gym was doing giants with his coach spotting him, but he let go too early and hit his head on the edge of the pit side.
Idk what happened to him, but his coach twisted his ankle bc of the foam.
So my question, is the pit safe. Thanks
Pits are a training tool. When used properly... they help train upper level skills in a safer manner.

Foam pits are not safe... especially if you don't know how to use them.

Our most important team foam pit rules are...
  • Look before you go
  • Land on your low back / butt
  • Don't land on your head / neck / stomach (roll to your side if you are going to land on your stomach... tuck if on head / neck)
  • Don't land on your feet in the foam pit (don't stick)... over-rotate past your feet. If you have to land directly on your feet... crumple your knees and body down into the foam so you don't twist your ankle.
One of my most dramatic falls as a gymnast happened when I peeled off the bar doing front giants over the pit. I flew with great momentum to the edge of the pit and hit my head. Blacked out for a second.

Thankfully, I recovered from the injury—but the fall made me aware of the limitations of pit training. In my case, the pit I was training in was relatively small, which is why I hit my head.

Everything that @JBS is correct. The only thing I would add is that gymnastics is inherently dangerous. Pits can help reduce the risk of injury, but safety is not guaranteed.

The good news is that when you know how to use the pit as a learning tool, you can more safely advance your gymnastic skills. It's very hard to achieve higher level skills without a pit, which is why pits are so popular. Accidents will always happen, but that is the nature of the sport.

Great risks may yield great rewards.
Its just a training tool...needs to be used in a safe manner. Its just a fact that there is nothing in any sport that is "safe". Any sport is going to have like mats, pits, pads, spotting, etc...those all just lower the risk, but don't remove it.
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The pit is like any apparatus.

If it’s used correctly with close supervision, and only for skills that a gymnast is ready to do, not used as a way to bypass proper skills prerequisites, then the rate of injury is very low.

But if skills are chucked into it before the gymnast is ready or without supervision, it’s not safe.
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