Is there any hope for me?

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Olympics are hard to get to. Maybe not Olympics, but I wouldn't say that you couldn't make it to like Nationals or something!

I started last year and I compete the equiv. of level 5/6 USAG but I uptrain higher levels. Dream big :)
Aussie coach, i have a question. Considering there is the finacial burden of gymnastics, if there was a gymnast who had been outstanding and what not, following the correct paths and working out at a gym who wanted their gymnasts to be the best but where willing to send them off to elite gyms if necessary. This girl is scouted at a competition where she completely sweeps the competition winning all events and all around, and the said elite gym wants to have her train with them. Shes the perfect age, has been personally scouted, and natural talent, but there is always the problem of moving across the country for a gym, as well as gym payments when there, is there any form of scholarship for an extremely talented gymnast? Would a gym work for a gymnast who had potential to go to the olympics?

sorry this is off topic for the actual thread
I started gymnastics at age 12 and in almost 2 years, I'm already in level 6 going to 7!! I think its very much possible to make it to atleast college gymnastics. If you work reeeeeeally hard at it thoe, the olympics could be possible... It takes a lot of sacrifice and hard training thoe. It really does help if you start at age 6 or 7. Keep trying and college gymnastics is definately worth it!! My friend told me that it was super fun and rewarding :)
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