WAG Is there any skill that can replace back walkover on beam lvl 6

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Dec 3, 2014
Ok...without going into detail on why my level 6 gymnast cant do a back walkover or a back handspring on beam (this would be like writing a short novel)...is there anything else that can replace those? Can she do say a round off or front walkover? What if she did a skill to replace the back walkovers and/or back handspring that is a lower level skill, will she just get a lower score, can she still maybe make 8s if the rest of the skills were clean? Thank you for any info you guys can give me on this!!!
RO, CW, FWO all meet the L6 acro requirement. There should not be a penalty if she does these instead of BWO or BHS.
Yep, cartwheel, round off or front walkover would work. My DD is doing a front walkover in her level 6 beam routine.
Just be aware, just because they CAN do many different skills, your child's gym many not allow them. Gyms set their own standards that often ate higher than the minimum for each level.
My daughter did a back extension roll in level 5 to replace a BWO and a valdez in level 6 instead of a bwo or bhs. Private message me if you would like to see a video.
We are going through the same thing. Our gym wants a BHS and BWOBWO combo for L6 beam routine, with a cartwheel-BT dismount. Not all the girls can do all three of those consistently yet - and some not at all due to various issues - but the coaches seem hesitant to let them sub in a different acro skill for some reason.
We have a couple of girls at DD's gym who refuse (yes, refuse) to do ANYTHING backward on beam. HC has allowed them to do this funky CW/CW and CW/RO series.
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