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Personally I think the BABS and the matchy matchy flip flops and the fake hair is way too Toddlers and Tiaras for me. They're gymnasts. Not pageant contestants.

Totally agree....the first old L4 meet my daughter did she saw a gaggle if girls dressed that way and looked at me with wide eyes "why are they all wearing that?" She was flabbergasted, but relieved when I told her she wouldn't have to wear that. Too much glitter and poufs and whatnot for her taste. :p
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Please tell me we don't need glitter?!? Ugh, that is just taking it right over the top and off the deep end for me. I'm accepting scrunchies, not sure how much more I can give here ;-)
I hate BARBS and glitter. They discourage glitter at our gym,thank goodness. I asked my dd what she thought of glitter and all I got was an eye roll.
I could care less what shoes my kids wear.... They already have matching warmups and leo's.... Let the performances speak for themselves. In fact my level 7's wear two different leotards....
We only require a matching tank leo for meets (compulsories) that costs about 45 euros and that's it. The optionals can buy own long sleeve leos. The warm ups are not required but we encourage the families to buy them. No matching hair required either, no bags, no shoes, no socks. And we do just fine. I think this is where we can make the families save some money! The girls also look nice in the line with that matching simple leo and I'm happy about that.

We though require a matching training tank leo for practices but we always choose a cheap one and they use those leos A LOT.
I had no idea some gyms went this far. I feel like the big bows are much more suited for cheer not gymnastics. DD hates things in her hair and I am awful with doing her hair it's so fine it won't stay put in a braid or anything other than a tight pony or bun, I hope if she sticks with gymnastics wherever we are is ok with simple.
Thankfully not at DD's gym-- team Leo- yes; team warm ups- yes; hair up, done, out of her face- yes. No matching hair style, scrunchie, bow, etc requirement. No matching shoe requirement.
required - team leo, team warmups, black socks for awards and matching hair strongly recommended. Last season girls were recommended to cut their hair, so that it was perfect short ponytail length - short enough to not touch neck or forehead. Those that didn't bun. :confused:
Please tell me we don't need glitter?!? Ugh, that is just taking it right over the top and off the deep end for me. I'm accepting scrunchies, not sure how much more I can give here ;-)

How can you not LOVE glitter? I bought something like 5 cans last season. No such thing as too much glitter.
Ugh, the mess! It gets EVERYWHERE! The carpet, car, dog, all over everything they even get near. My poor husband had it in his socks after my daughter sprayed it last time at a friend's house.
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I. Am. Dying. :D

There is a gym in the area that does the big cheer bows - black and glitter silver - as well as a temporary tattoo on the face. We were all debating whether the floor would be bedazzled when we attended Judges Cup there last year. (It wasn't, much to our disappointment.)

DD has always hated the hair glitter and finally rebelled 2 seasons ago. I can't say I'm disappointed since the glitter slid right out of her hair and I was tired of the gasping-choking-can't breathe routine she'd go through each time I sprayed.

DD's gym does do the matching warm up, hairstyle (parents are rebelling this year), bags, hoodies, and flip flops. Though, to be fair, none of it is REQUIRED. There's just a lot of peer pressure from parent to parent. After all you can't have your child be the only gymnast without! Flip flops were decorated as a craft during summer camp.
We have matching competition leos, performance leos, warm-ups, & bags. We all use the scrunchie that comes with the leo IF is compatible with the hairstyle we choose. Our HC would go crazy if we showed up 'bedazzled.' Hard lesson to learn as I am a dance mom by nature........
Oh goodness no, glitter spray isnt even allowed in my house. After my dh went to work a week later with glitter on his work pants, that was the end of that in our house. It was relegated to the garage (and probably the can. ..).
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No matching hair here- just pulled up neatly, and away from the face. No matching shoes, either. Barefoot or shoes for awards is fine. They do have matching warm-ups and backpacks.
This has been a fun thread. I know things are different in the States than here, but lol at some of the mental images I have!

We have always done, Leo (we call them gym suits here btw), warm up (we call those track suits), hair up in some type of bun and tight but no mandatory style, and the gym suits always come with a matching scrunchie that goes around the bun. Oh and white socks for march in and awards, and the gym bag.

Dd used to use glitter spray (just a bit) because it was what all the little kids did.
Yes, we always do glitter at the meets, all hair is done, there.
Becauseisaidso, I think I know the gym you are referring to...and if so, their head coach said it all...
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