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Jan 17, 2008
So, This morning Beetle got up.. after much proding and suggesting FINALLY Got dressed for Thanksgiving. She was wearing a skirt, shirt and sweater. ger hair was down, she had it straightened, she had a little lip gloss on some mascara...She looked lovely, like a real girl!

Well, about an hour after that she decided it was time to work her full turns.. and had to put on some athletic socks.

An hour after that it was time to work Handstands so off came the sweater.

An hour later she brought out her pirouette bar and started working press handstands.. She put shorts on under her skirt..then that got complicated -Apparently the skirt got in the way.. she took off the skirt.

Finally, she is standing there in front of me ready for Thanksgiving Dinner in shorts and a tank top with her hair in a pony.. all sweaty.. just like she left practice!!

I am thankful that she is dedicated to her sport, but cant we go ONE day without gymnastics!.. all in good fun.. do your DD's do that? turn everything into a practice? Change from dress clothes to work out clothes? Do you ever see your DD with her hair NOT in a Pony tail???(one more question, why do I pay for highlights, when no one can see them in a ponytail???)

Seriously, I am glad she loves her sport.. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!


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Feb 26, 2007
Oh yes, that is so normal, scary but our normal. I suppose we have to be grateful that they are distracted by gymnastics and not the cute boys at the mall.

My oldest can't walk down the hall without doing a full turn on one particular floorboard.


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Proud Parent
Jun 11, 2008
This is hilarious. Its in their blood and the norm for them. As we are home for Thanksgiving just me and the kids Even at 24,20(oldest 2 well out of the sport and son 15 they are having handstand contests too close to the TV.. AND of course after much time with the hair straightener earlier its pulled back in a pony. I just shook my head and came up and read your post!


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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Sounds completely normal to me !! Although mine is currently restricted to turns and one armed cartwheels :p - she was making up floor routines and working on jumps on beam.

Happy Turkey Day.


When you are entered in the crazy world of gymnastics, everything is normal:) We had Thanksgiving at my house, my four girls were teaching their cousins gymnastics! Even their older ones! When they came up to eat dinner, they were a little red face, and ponytails and all. You are not alone;)
Nov 5, 2007
That is really funny.My daughter was wearing dress pants and had to switch to sweats when we went for a family walk(at snail pace).

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
Mine jammed the little toe on her left foot on floor at practice on Wednesday, so she took it easy as far as gym stuff at home yesterday. I tried to get her to ice it, take ibuprofen when she got home from practice, but of course no---was getting ready to go see a movie with friends from school. Hmmmmm---maybe this belongs in the listen to your mom thread!!! Naturally yesterday the side of the toe was a nice bluish color.

Guess she didn't have a totally non gym day. Was texting a girl she met at our summer camp and lives about 2 hours away. They were comparing what meets they'll be going to and gymmie squealed they'll get to meet up at the 2 in state invites in Jan.

Kristilyn---while Beetle was practicing on the pirouette bar, which pair of grips(if any) did she have on? Tell her thats a perfect time to break in those new ones:)


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Oct 26, 2007
DD likes to pack a leo when she goes to Grandms house after church on Sunday because she says it hard to do gymnastics in a skirt. At thanksgiving yesterday she had no leo so she striped off her skirt and did her floor routine in tights and a sweater.


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Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Sounds like my house as well. Except she is usually trying to do stuff from the L5 and L6 routines, instead of practicing her own. LOL. Better than playing video games! :D
Jan 17, 2008
Oh yes, that is so normal, scary but our normal. I suppose we have to be grateful that they are distracted by gymnastics and not the cute boys at the mall.

I heard Beetle and a friend talking in the kitchen one afternoon.. Beetle said "what do you want to talk about?" her friend said "Ohhh Boys" Beetle Replied "ah no.. they're Boring"

I had to laugh.. at 13 she still isnt so much interested in boys.. Thank Goodness!
Sep 8, 2007
It has to be a pretty special ocassion before my dd will were her hair down and dress up,her hair is almost always up and she spends most of her time oustide .


From a boy's perspective:

Every time Science Boy and I walk down the street, I always have to say:

"Okay, no jumping, spinning, cartwheeling, vaulting, turning, skipping, touching the ground, walking backwards or LEAPING!!! Just WALK, for cryin out loud!"

And every time I try to hold his hand while we're crossing the street (he's 7), I always feel like I'm in danger of getting my arm popped off the socket from all the tugging.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


A few years ago we went to Niagara Falls and our hotel was about a mile away from the falls. My dd actually 'walked' the entire mile doing front walkovers. I got dizzy just watching her !!! At home she is just as likely to walk from room to room on her hands as her feet.
I believe there is an appreciable amount more brain-damage in gymnastic children then say 'normal' kids. No "Normal" child (or adult) would attempt, or even think of attempting, the things our gymmies do. Gymnastics is athletic insanity. That's why they love it so much! :)

Other abnormal behaviors include:

- Practicing cartwheels down the aisles at Walmart.
- Practicing her bar skills on the Hotel Butler (that wheeled cart in hotels meant to carry suitcases)
- doing handstands inside moving elevators (especially in tall buildings and hotels), or on swimming pool diving boards, etc.

.... Not that my Nastia would EVER do such a thing... :rolleyes:
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