Is this routine permitted?

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May 8, 2010
As you may know, I do acro, but I would love to do artistic someday, but given my actual discipline, I would only be able to do floor, IMO (maybe parallels and vault, if I practice a lot).

As you also should know, acro is much more artistic than MAG, so I don't have that powerful tumbling technique (or courage) to do multiple flips. So I put together this floor routine, trying to make the most out of my flexibility and static skills, to make for my poor tumbling skills. (although I did risk putting a double back =D)

Do you think it's possible to do this?
Does it meet every requirement?
How much would I get?

So here it goes:
Imagine the Spring Floor as a square in which left bottom corner is A, right bottom is B, upper right is C and upper left is D.

First pass, element group II: diagonal A-C
front aerial - front handspring - front full

2nd pass, element group III: diagonal C-A
round off - tempo/back handspring - double back (tuck or pike)

3rd pass, element group III: sideline A-B
cartwheel - full into left split

Elements from group I:
the 3rd pass should end by the middle of the sideline: split press up to handstand (2 sec.) - lower to straddle planche (2sec) - up to handstand to get down in front walkover - back catch needle scale (2sec) - neddle stand w/o hands (2sec.)
butterfly with 2 twists to the corner B

4th pass, element group IV: diagonal B-D
front jump, half turn into back tuck - 1/4 twist to side layout with full twist, land facing the same direction - arabian tuck.

Final pass, element group Dismount: diagonal D-B
flyspring - front double-full

Is it possible?


Club Owner / Manager
Mar 23, 2009
West Midlands, England
I think Henrik541 is asking would that routine be permitted in a MAG routine.
I can't help as I don't know diddly about MAG, however I would guess that it will depend on what level you are aiming at!

Sorry I can't help!


Oct 3, 2011
The Gym
Make sure you have a spin, jump series, tumbling passes with forwards and backwards tumbling, include multiple flipping and twisting, and include dance. You probably would get an average score, depending on what level you got in.
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