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Jan 17, 2023
I came a across this YouTube channel I used watch when I was self taught, and I found a video of the girl self teaching herself a backhand spring.

I find it difficult to trust someone who wears jeans while doing gymnastics, but using those methods she got a decent BHS, at least in my opinion, with dying or becoming paralyzed.

So, for the CB coaches/high level gymnasts: is this safe? Would you recommend, or at least condone anyone trying a backhand spring in this way? I thought I’d try this tomorrow since I only have practice on Mondays and Wednesdays to work on BHS.

Here’s the video:

I appreciate all your responses!
All I have to say is... nice treehouse!

I don't recommend learning gymnastics like this. Although... I can't say that I didn't learn some gymnastics like this.
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I have no idea if the technique is correct. I'm a mom, never was a gymnast but working on this stuff at home can cause serious injuries or very bad habits that make it harder to learn the skill correctly. I would only focus on strength and flexibility at home.
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Nope. no way, the way she learned to do that back handspring is incredibly dangerous and she is lucky she didn’t get a serious injury.

There is a good chance she has been injured. This type of training often leads to injuries that develop over time, they take a long time to incur and a long time to heal.
This is super dangerous. There is a lack of proper mats or an experienced coach. I would never teach a BHS with this method. Being a gymnast, I've seen people try this as well as try to teach this way. It didn't end well. The best thing to do is to learn from a coach in a proper gym.
The best thing about that video was the music, which says a lot because the music sucks.

To put it in perspective, I just saw a pretty talented (young/small) L3 almost knock herself out doing a ROBHS on a spring floor while being spotted by a very very good coach. Bad things can happen under perfect conditions.
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She literaly mentions two serious injuries (ankle and shoulder) during the video. And I fast-forwarded through most of it so I might have missed some more.
It's obviously not safe.
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Okay I'm not even going to lie. When I was younger gym was never enough and I taught myself a lot skills at home, on mats and an air track. Wouldn't exactly recommend, but I turned out ok.

The difference from her is I had solid pre-requisites and I was training those skills at gym first. I did a big face palm when she tried a ro bhs when she didn't have a solid ro or bhs- that is what your coaches eye is for.

I recommend that you trust your coaches right now and don't take chances, work on it just at gym. Or ask your coaches if there is anything you could safely do at home to continue working on it, and leave the dirty work to gym time.
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