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Is your gym parent friendly?

  • Yes

    Votes: 18 72.0%
  • Some of the coaches.

    Votes: 5 20.0%
  • No

    Votes: 2 8.0%

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Part One
Is your gym parent friendly? Do they go out of their way to make you the parent happy? Is the office staff nice? Do they provide you with anything (coffee, microwave, internet, etc.)? Do they realize that you are the one paying the bills?

Part Two
What do you expect for your money?

Part Three
Describe your dream gym (as a parent)? Do you just want great coaches? Would you like a bigger pro shop? How about a Starbucks and large screen TV's to watch football? Internet access?
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I thought I previously answered this, so if this is redundant please excuse.

1. Gym is not parent friendly - or I am not coach friendly! The physical layout of the gym mirrors the atttitude coaches on one side, parents on the other
2. SAFETY primary concern. I expect encouraging environment that praises for accomplishments.
3. Dream gym - Staff that loves their jobs - this shows and shines in ANY physical environment. Walk in and be greeted! A toddler room, a mini-work out room for parents that overlooks big gym (or parents classes at the same time) COFFEE, healthy snacks, a great website, progress reports from coaches, A FANTASTIC up to date website!
Thanks alot...let's hear some other opinions, also. I hope we can get some more coaches, directors, and owners on this board...they need to see some of this info. I think I'm going to stick this thread at the top of the forum to keep it around for a while.
Is our gym parent friendly? Depends on the day. We have my daughter at this gym because it is close by, large with new equipment and the coaching is very good. Parents are simply viewed as a checkbook or credit card. Communication between the gym and parents is poor(but has improved from dismal). Someone mentioned updating the website at their gym---same here. They had the site redone and now nothing has been posted there in almost 1 yr.

I think there is a difference between what a rec parent may want and what team parents may want. As team parents, we HAVE to work all meets hosted by the gym(usually 4/yr) and get no credit for volunteer hours or money for the child's account until way after the meet when its determined if the gym made enough $ to give us a small amount. We ended up getting $10/family for working a 2 day compulsory meet in the fall. Don't even ask about the booster club-----disorganized and really only committed to 1 big fundraiser.
I think there is a difference between what a rec parent may want and what team parents may want.

I agree...they are in a totally different situations.

As a team parent, what parts of the website are you looking to have updated regularly? The calendar, schedule of classes, gym events...or a great team section with scores from past meets, pics, and information for parents.
Regarding the website---all of the above. I know gyms are a business and more often people get info about your business from the internet. If you went to our gym's site, a parent would have no clue when rec classes are offered, when there are meets that may cause schedule changes, that the gym offers clinics for rec kids and pre-team during holiday breaks and the summer and team news is not even there. No way would a parent looking for a gym with a competitive program be able to get any info from our gym's site and we offer training for girls from Level 5 through elite and now a boys program which is about 4 yrs old.
I wish we had a team website that had pictures, meet schedules, current practice schedules, booster club minutes and a newsletter info page from the coach for parents that would be wonderful.
gym website

The gym my dd goes to is in North Carolina. They have a great website which is updated frequently. Meet schedules and results, booster club minutes, general info meetings and pictures are available for review. If anyone would like to visit the site it is;
Gym is friendly

Our gym is friendly on the whole. Rec coaches do a great job with the kids and will talk with the parents if time permits between classes.

Coaches on the team side differ, depending upon their personalities. All give their all to the girls and demand the same from them. Both optional coaches are outspoken and friendly. My dd's coach is more quiet and subdued but will talk with you if you ask. She's friendly and loves the girls. I am one of the level 2/3 coaches, my counter half is out going and friendly, I'm more quiet but we get along great!

Office staff is professional and most time understanding and friendly.

We have a website through the parks and recs website, it's updated pretty well with meets and scores but no forum for parents/coaches to communicate, that would be great! However, my counterpart serves as the liason between team coaches and parents. She does a great job and parents can email their dd's coach anytime and get a response ASAP. So, I guess it's a trade off. I'll have to promote this website as a forum for our parents and to learn from other parents.

Wish our Pro shop was bigger, an over sized closet and holds no more than 2-3 people at any one time. But the lady who runs it stocks it with great items that are appealing and move quickly.

We are in a very old building in a not so great part of town, wish we could have a bigger modern facility that offered more services than just gymnastics, like basketball and maybe a soccer field out back.

We do have a refreshment machine that sells only juice/water/sports drinks. A snack machine would be nice for those long nights and you don't want to drive to get a snack.

Our fees are reasonable and we have a great coaching staff. Sometimes when our dd's are not "progressing" the way we feel they should, we quickly accuse the coach, sometimes its the gymnast. For whatever reason she's not and it's not always her fault. Emotionally, physically or mentally, she may not be ready. Our coachs do recognize the difference and I'm glad!

Dream gym: state of the art for both rec and team, plenty of space around us, facility to house other sports (not water), nice sized pro shop where credit cards are accepted; an eating area where you can sit and watch, rather than standing the whole time...the list could go on! Ahh to dream!

All in all, not too bad! :)
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Our gym is not parent friendly AT ALL! It is the only gym in Alaska which has a TOPs program and has produced level 10 gymnasts. Basically, it is the only game in town (literally)! The coaches are friendly, but you have to really work hard to track them down sometimes. The owner wears both the business hat and the lead coach hat, and that makes for a bad situation. Communication is virtually non-existent. The gym is filthy (floors, walls, etc.) and I really don't like being there.

Having said that, my daughter LOVES it there. She is there 5 days a week and it is definitely her home away from home.

We spend over $10,000 a year at our gym. I think things could be improved TONS by just having a business manager, cleaning crew and communications board for staff and coaches.

I agree that it would be nice if some of the coaches and gym owners either read this or simply asked the parents of their gyms with a survey!
I am a coach and I coach at the gym club I did gymnastics at when I was younger... I have been at this club since I was 5 and I am now 19, so it is my second home and my second family.
Part One
I think our gym is very parent friendly, we know all the parents and we talk to them after lessons etc, our office lady, Amanda, knows all the parents by name (and for something like 600 children thats pretty good!). As soon as their is a question or comment it is adressed immediatley. We do not have the facilities to have a microwave internet etc, but I dont think that means we are not parent friendly. We have a viewing area, but it is very small so only a few parents are able to watch at a time, it is not that we dont accomodate them, its that we dont have the money to buy a larger venue right now.
Levels parents are encouraged not to stay and watch practice. This is only because there were a number of issues a year or so back, so parents watching levels classes was banned. If they stay they are not asked to leave by any means, most parents watch warm up and then leave.

Part Two
Well I dont pay, obviously, being a coach! But I expect as a coach that my gymnasts and parents are commited. This means coming to training, going to comps, being on time etc etc. Also I like parents to realise how much time and effort we as coaches put into their child, often as soon as something goes wrong we are on the recieving end of the parents anger, when we have spent so long in that gym with their child and the child loves gymnastic.
Umm also good management, support from the club, a good work environment, happy environment, havign the kids love gym and want to learn

Part Three
lol well i dont have time to answer this one. i actually have to go coach now but maybe later i will answer it haha
We Are Happy

Our gym is great. The head coach/owner is accessible and friendly as are the assistant coaches. They have all shown a definite interest in our daughter's welfare beyond gymnastics and that is refreshing. They all have their days mind you, as do our kids, but we have been very pleased over the years, our daughter loves it there and she has thrived. They have a nationally recognized program, excellent equipment and facilities and worked hard for our daughter when scholarship time came. Our level 10s routinely make Nationals and are represented on many top Division I teams. That said, the website could be updated more regularly. We have a good booster club that is pretty well organized. We make enough from our fundraisers to cover all the kids' travel each year. All in all, we are happy!:D
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