WAG It happened again......ideas?

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Hope the doctor has some answers.
My dd has had similar twice caused by dehydration/not eating properly/heat stroke. Both times were from doing an hours outdoors in the sun after school sport (with no drink breaks, no snack before, once she also hadn't had lunch) and then going straight to gym, ended up with a blinding headache and then vomitting a couple of times. Fine the next day.
Migraines and vomiting was something I suffered from regularly for many years. Through trial and error, I figured they occurred after strenuous work outs while my body was dehydrated. It incapacitated me for several hours. Then I am fine. If I am lacking in sleep, sometimes the headaches lasts a few days until my body gets the proper rest and hydration. I also had some blood work done and I found out I had severe food and environmental allergies. I think I am borderline in nutrition and rest, a little push in physical activities puts my body over the edge. Don't underestimate proper rest and nutrition. I hope your daughter is fine. Keep us posted on what the doctor says.
It was mainly food intolerances causing my son's headaches that made him vomit. However, his escalated as his body became more and more under stress from the foods he was eating. When we sorted his diet they immediately stopped, and now only recur from time to time when I believe his stress level may already be high from other things (perhaps lack of sleep, dehydration etc.). The foods he was intolerant to were things you wouldn't necessarily thing of: pepper, pork products (including ham, which he had been eating a lot of), coconut, tuna (but not other fish), shellfish, and some other mild ones like wheat. After a period of total avoidance he is now able to eat any of those things as long as he doesn't eat tons of it, and as long as his body isn't under other stress.
I pack her lunch every day, so I know she is eating fairly healthy. I did mention it to her primary care doctor, and she just responsded with sleep and eating right..... Navigating the healthcare system to get to someone who will listen is challenging at times. And of course when we are there she is fine, so it's just anecdotal at that point.... I will mention it again though next time we are in...

It seems like it's not lunch related as it's not happening every day...though as a teacher, I can tell you that some kids throw out their lunch. So depending on your school/cafe duty people, this may/may not be happening!

That being said, I agree with others in that I would speak with the pediatrician and perhaps a nutritionist/sports doctor. You don't mention how old she is but if she is a tween/entering puberty, it could also be related to that. Perhaps she is anemic?

If you dont' get good answers from your dr, I"d find someone else. I would think 5 times in a year should be a red flag!
Hope the doctor will listen and do the appropriate work up. If you can remember dates when this happened and anything else that she did/ate those days, write it down and take it to the appointment. Don't let the doc push you out of the office!
We had similar issues with my daughter and it turned out that it was acid reflux. There are multiple triggers for her, including workouts when she doesn't have enough food in her stomach. Just another possible cause, good luck with the Dr.

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