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Jun 19, 2008
united states's been a while.......

Alright. Just a check in...

So, dd took some time off from the gym for a while. Well, not totally time off, but instead of 9 hours a week, we only did 3. Oddly, it seems like she didn't lose anything from dropping her hours. In fact, it kind of seems like she just continued to do as well as she was - making improvements and learning new things as if we never dropped her hours. It's a relief. I'm glad I did it 100%. She just started kindergarten last week, so over the summer I got to spend way more time with her and our schedule didn't have to revolve around gym EVERYDAY.

Anyway, it's time to maybe increase her hours again - which is fine. But, I'm kind of torn. My son is a competitive swimmer and dd has voiced interest in doing swim team this fall. I don't really know how I feel about it. On one hand, i don't want her to be denied the opportunity to swim. But, on the other hand, she's got something really good going on at the gym. So, anyway, I don't know what to do with that yet.

Another reliever is: dd's coaches have totally chilled out. Awhile back, there were many stressful conversations regarding dd competing level 4 and "we really need to get on those L5 skills, she needs a kip PRONTO"...and just training her quickly and thinking about even starting a TOPs program. Finally, there isn't anymore of that. One day, I just reminded them that they were talking about a child who had just turned 5, and please just let her continue to love gymnastics, etc.

Having said that, dd will be competing as a L3 this entire season and not doing L4 when her birthday comes at the end of this year. She's still working out with her regular "big girl" team and not the L3 team. I think she'll do amazingly well this season. She says she's excited to show the judges her very pointy routines :cool:

Anyway, hope everyone else is doing well. I'm definitely excited for this gymnastics season!
Oh it's nice to hear from you and "A" again. I am glad the coaches have backed off for now and giving her more time to just be a kid.

I gave Liv time off this summer too. She took tons of down time and mini vacations. And the time away from gym did her wonders. She went back to gym refreshed, and ready to work.

Last January Liv started showing an interest wanting to try dance. I looked for a dance school that would work around her gym schedule and she took one 2 hour class on saturdays. She absolutely LOVED it, especially the recital with all the pretty costume, pictures and flowers! I have to admit for a little while I was afraid she ask for more dance. But after her recital she continued with gym without any protest. I think she just really wanted to "experience" doing something besides gym. They are soooo young and think they can do it all. If you ask Liv she wants to play an instrument, ice skate, dance, art classes etc. She just almost inately knows though that her calling is gym. And when she refers to whant she going to be when she grows up she always starts with "After gymnastics I want to be or do etc....." I think she understands more than I give her credit for sometimes. She never cease to amaze me.

How many hours would swim team require for her skill level? Maybe it's something she can do for a little while before things at gym get more serious. (assuming you can afford to send her to both) She may just want to try it and be done with it. Has she ever tried any other organized activity other than gym??

Well can't wait to see her competition videos! It's been a long time coming...
Can't wait to see her awesome L3 season!

Good luck with your decision on swim. If she REALLY wants to try it, now might be a good time since she is still SO young!
So awesome to hear "A's" progress! Have a meet sched yet? We have yet to receive ours, but hear the meet season will began late dec :)

I think you made some very wise decisions on your little peanut. Looking forward to her meet video's!

We have a few gymnasts that cross train swimming & gymnastics at our gym, & it is awesome pt for gymnasts. These girls are in really good shape physically. It really balances them out. So if you can afford the time, I would say go for it! So great to hear from you... pm me meet schedule when you get it :)
IMO see if she can swim 1-2 hours a week in a good program and then compete summer team. For that age, around here once you get past 2 hours of swimming the next step is adding some dry land ... which she doesn't need.

My dd just wants to swim 1 hour a week and I very much support that. She'll swim 3 hours or so in the summer season.

Sounds like a great summer!
Nice to see you!! Glad that A is doing so well! I am sure she is going to have a great level 3 season. Happy they have taken off the stress of things, too.

As for swim, tough one. If she can fit it in, maybe try it out and see? Not sure how often swim teams meet.

Can't wait to hear about her first meet! I love the pointy routines comment. So cute!
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