OT iTunes or limewire?

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I was at my friend's house the other day and she got the new version of limewire. When I first got my old iPod, I asked about getting it on my computer, but my mom wouldn't let me becasue she (and me) heard bad things it can do to your computer. So, my friend said the new one doesn't give you viruses and it's faster, so I asked again, and now she said it's ok to get it. So, do you think I should download it or not?:confused:I'm confused if I should get it or not because I've also heard that all of your songs can be deleted. So if I can have some feedback, that would be great!!:) (btw I have iTunes now anyways)
Dec 8, 2007
I thought linewire was like illegal and that people got busted on there all the time.
I'm not sure if thats legit though. I use itunes.


I was told to stay away from limewire because of what it does to your computer. Idk anything about the new version.

I don't think limewire is illegal. Its people who use limewire who are doing something illegal by sharing stuff they aren't suppose to.
Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
I use limewire and haven't had any problems, but if your really worried about it then use itunes.

- easy
- free
- could get a virus?? risky? (or so i hear)
- unorganized!!!
- may have to download multiples to find a good enough quality.

- really good quality
- no chance of viruses
- keeps you songs organized on your ipod & itunes library
- costs $
- it's a pain to keep having to ask your parents to pay for it using their credit card and then having to pay them back etc. lol

if paying for songs is okay with you then i would definitely go with itunes ;)


Limewire is a bastion for spyware and malware. It's a big target. A new addition to it's program supposedly scans for viruses and malware, but I have worked on many computers in the past having to clean up all the malware and viruses.
Oct 19, 2008
New York
Well im really OCD about the album cover and name and stuff
So itunes
If i use limewire, i have to fix the name, find the album art online, and copy and paste it into itunes, and Im lazy so I hate having to do that, but i do anyway =P
I will occassionally use limewire, but itunes is great for me
Esp since i got a debit card(teen visa buxx card =D) that my parents can put money onto. Its weird because it functions as a credit card and u can go over the amount of money u have on the card, but they charge you like $20 if u do. I dont have to put a pin in or anything when i use it so idk =P
So thats what I have registered with Itunes, and since I hardly use it and never let it get too low (below $5), I always have money ready if i NEED to buy a certain song(or video).
I use limewire when I have lots of songs that I want to get, dont want to ask my parents for money, and when I have a LOT of free time to spend finding album covers and fixing the song info(genre, name, artist, album, etc).


on limewire i downloaded a song and it was NOT AT ALL what i wanted. i was not a song even just some umm well noises and stuff i did not want to hear. so after that it was off my computer right away! Woo ITUNES!
Jun 8, 2008
I'd avoid limewire at all costs bc of the big possibility of viruses........even though its a new version you never know what it could do to your computer.
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