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So some of the parents on the team have "warned" me about the cliques on the team that my DD may experience now. Does that really happen? DD is the youngest and I'm hoping she doesn't get sucked into a group of girls that aren't good influences. How do you handle this?
Cliques are a part of human nature. I would not even discuss it with DD unless she brings it up as a problem. Have you taught your DD to be kind? If you have she'll do just fine.

My daughter started a new gym with 6 weeks left in the season. Some kids have been wonderful, some have been catty. I tell her just to be nice, stick up for herself when nec., but not to make a major stink about minor things. She will find her own friends and others will find their own friends. It's really no different than school.

Don't sweat it. She'll be fine.

Take care,

Sue Z
The gym we were at before the one we are at now had a lot of issues with cliques and cattiness. I place a lot of the blame on the coaches there though. It was a very large team and they had there favorites - which they did nothing to hide. They would say in front of the whole group to one girl - I expect it of everyone else, but not of you - you are the best level 5 we have - we expect more of you :eek: Needless to say there was some diva issues there. As long as your dd doesn't get wrapped up in the drama she will be fine though. The advice I would give her - when she senses drama - run away and stay out of it.
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