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Dec 23, 2009
Region 1
Just found out via gymnasticscoaching.com and instagram about this girl

Jacoby Miles is a 15 year old gymnast from Roach Gymnastics in Washington who was seriously injured on friday.

"This evening Jacoby was practicing her double back dismount off the high bar into the pit. She opened prematurely, stating she "got lost", before her 2nd flip was complete and landed on her neck on an 8 inch mat. The paramedics were called and she was taken to St. Josephs Hospital in Tacoma where a CAT scan showed her C4 vertebrae had dislocated sitting slightly in front of her C5. She is paralyzed from the mid chest down. She was taken to Harborview for surgery. They will know more in the next 2-3 days. "-via her blog

Her gym has set up a fund for her: Welcome to Roach Gymnastics -- Jacoby Miles Support Page and new information about everything is coming out everyday.
Her family, gym, friends and everyone involved could use a lot of prayers and postive thoughts as her recovery is going to be a LONG, hard process. A similiar thing happen to Avery Downing last year, and it was amazing to see how the gym community accross the country were able to come together and help them out. Hopefully we will be able to do the same and help them.
Terrible accident of local L9 gymnast - please help!

There was a terrible accident of a local L9 gymnast from our area. She opened up early on her double back release off of bars and sustained a serious neck injury. Please click the link to read the details and help if you can. Prayers, thoughts needed!
Welcome to Roach Gymnastics -- Jacoby Miles Support Page

or if interested:
Emerald City Gymnastics also is setting up a fund: Goal-$50,000 -send a Get Well card with a minimum of a $20.00 donation. Cards can be brought or sent to Emerald City (Jacoby Miles c/o ECGA 17735 NE 65th Street, Suite 110, Redmond, WA 98052). EVERY LAST PENNY will be donated to Jacoby. Thank you so much for your support. Most importantly, please keep Jacoby and her family in your prayers!
that might be a bit premature. let's wait a few days to see how the surgery took. let's stay positive!:)
That is so sad that she is paralysed.

There will be a lot of swelling around the injury, which could be causing the paralysis at the moment. It does not mean that it is permanent. Only time will tell. The doctors will have a clearer picture of the injury and prognosis after a few more days. keep positive thoughts for this girl, her family, and her teammates. Anyone who saw the fall will need to work through the emotions and fears as well before continuing training.
Such awful news, but looking at the blog it looks like they've gotten some good news so far regarding the injury and the first surgery was considered a success, so let's pray that the good news keeps coming.
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I just heard the news, and it's not good. It's now a matter of going from hope for the best, to never give up hope. The docs at this time are talking in terms of devine intervention rather than recovery. They hope her condition will improve to the point she'll be able to move her wrists, but that's about it. Geez, I can't even begin think of how hard this is for her.....and her parents.
Oh wow, I just saw this. Jacoby and her family will be in my thoughts. How awful for everyone involved.
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