WAG Jaegers, tkatchevs and geingers...OH MY

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Oct 16, 2013
For NCAA it is a sepcial requirement:
3.1 UNEVEN BAR SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS (.20 each taken off Start Value).
One element may fulfill more than one Special Requirement, unless specified
a. Minimum of two (2) bar changes.
b. Two (2) flight elements, minimum of two (2) different C’s OR a D and B (not to include dismount).
c. One element with longitudinal axis (LA) turn, minimum of “C” (not to include dismount).
Note: The JO Compositional requirement of “2 changes of direction” DOES NOT APPLY to NCAA
d. “C” dismount. If the following modification occurs: “C” dismount immediately preceded by same two A or B elements = .10 deduction (not .20).

For JO level 10 it is a compositional deduction of a flat 0.2
Thanks, learned something new! I thought NCAA used L10 rules.
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Mar 7, 2011
My older dd only did jaegers. We are told that a jaeger, bail to handstand connected to something (before or after) and an “e” dismount is the most efficient level 10 bar routine...

My little one first learned a Ray (which is the toe on version of a tkatchev) and is now catching a jaeger... she will only learn a Gienger if she can’t uprise out of a Maloney (which is the toe on version of a Shaposh).
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