jammed finger?

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Aug 30, 2008
ok. so today i was on beam, and when i did my first bhs, i jammed my finger .i stopped doing much after that. its really swollen and slightly bruised. but my question is do you think i broke it? i can mo ve it, but cant fully straighten it or bend it:(but i can bend it almost al the way
If you can move it I don't think you broke it but you should have a DR look at it just in case.

you probably have alot of swelling and a very bad sprain or bone bruise. You may need to have the finger splinted
that happened to me except it was because I caught a football wrong and my finger had purple and blue bruises on it. I went to the doctor and it turned out taht a piece of my knuckle bone was dislodged from the whole bone order and it was out of place. it took like a month to heal it :/
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