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Apr 26, 2010
Anyone else going to be watching this weekend? I am excited to see Sunisa Lee's senior debut - love her bars. She said in an interview yesterday that she is working on a new bar routine with more skills, but she won't be competing it till later this year. Can the US girls win the American Cup this year? It's going to be tough.
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I haven’t been able to watch the competition but I heard that Sunisa Lee won the senior comp and Konnor McClain won the junior comp! That’s amazing! And apparently USA won the senior team comp and Russia won the junior team comp. I would absolutely love to see the routines somewhere! I’m so excited for Konnor as I first found out about her 5 years ago! She was so talented even back then. I also watched her videos from when she was 4 years old and doing backhandsprings and such. And now she’s a super super super talented junior elite!
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I have them recording and will watch them later tonight or tomorrow. I saw a video of Konnor McClain's back beam series and just WOW the amount of height she gets! I remember seeing her videos from when she was 4-5yrs old and often wondered if she would have the endurance and stay healthy enough to make it all the way. Unfortunately she will only be 15 for 2020 so its another 4 years after that, but she is amazing to watch!
It just kills me to think there are only 4 spots for US gymnasts on the Olympic team (I know there are a couple event slots but it's not the same). So much talent on the US squad ... I am just glad they spread the international assignments so more girls get exposure. I can't wait for the big summer competitions - should be a lot of fun to watch.
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