WAG JO beam deduction question

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Aug 2, 2010
Pittsburgh, PA
What is the deduction for putting your hands on the beam to avoid a fall? Does it count as a fall (-.05)? My DD did this after a big wobble landing a jump. Both hands touched the beam. Poor kid can't seem to stay on the beam or keep her hands off when they're not supposed to be, this season. I did a search for it, but couldn't find the exact info. Just curious what her scores might be like if she did a routine in comp like she does in practice ;)

i am fairly certain it is still .5 (a fall on the apparatus). I would check with your coach to confirm or ask a judge.

If she truly fell ONTO her hands, then yes it would still be .5. It seems in the OPs explanation that she wobbled and her hands touched the beam, that would only be .3. I am a judge :)
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She did the "land the jump, wobble, turn to the side, try to circle the arms to get her balance, put hands down on beam in a pike stretch type maneuver" thing. Didn't fall off. Kept on going. Sounds like it was probably .3. Thanks for your replies :)
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