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Junior Olympic JO Code changes 2018-2022

Discussion in 'Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)' started by tomtnt, Apr 29, 2018.

  1. It was shown lower than the vault to an 8-incher above the vault in the example videos, but I would have to look it up to be exact.
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  2. Lol, the lower the better. We have a few girls that vault on "1" and "2."
  3. I can't figure out if I have the most recent COP update in my iBooks, but this is what I see:

    "Mat Stack dimensions:
    Min. 5’ width, 10’ length, min. 32”– 60” max. height (including base mat)
    Any combination of competition landing mats, skill cushions AND/OR port-a-pit may be used, however, top mat layer must be min. 4” (10 cm) skill cushion"

    We've been using our 32" porta-resi, three 8" mats, and 1 4" mat for our training level 6s.
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  4. Can someone help me understand the new L6/7 vaults?? I think I'm confused.... Post #86 in this thread said that the new COP now requires the vault table to be at 115 at L6/7. Is that still correct? And then the stacked mats are behind the vault table? Or can you do your timer on to stacked mats only (no vault table)? If stacked mats only, do the stacked mats have to be at 115 then? (This would be like TOPS -- timer on to 115 inch stacked mats.)

    Thanks in advance to anyone who jumps in to help me understand!!
  5. Level 6/7 Vault is a timer ONTO the vault table (minimum 115 maximum 135) landing on the mat stack (32"-60" high) behind the vault table.
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  6. Can you please cite the source for split leap on beam not receiving SR if more than 20 degrees from 180? Everything I read in new code says same as old code in regard to split leaps and jumps, only need be within 45 degrees of 180 to receive value part and satisfy SR(see below), can't find where it says split leaps on beam are evaluated differently. Our Congress not until August so want to make sure I have this correct.

    All split leaps/jumps require 180° leg separation—if split is insufficient, evaluate as follows:
    ~Missing 1-20 of split...............0.05-0.1 deduction..........award value part
    ~Missing 21-45 of split.............0.15-0.2 deduction..........award value part
    ~Missing 46 or more of split.....no deduction...................award lesser value part
  7. I didn't say that. I was referring back several pages where it was discussed. My main point was the straight leg, and clarifying how its a B. Plus, look at the instructions. If the split leap is an A, and I'm awarding the lesser value part, it has no value. Therefore, it can't be used to meet SR. A skill with no value can't meet the SR. A split jump is always a B, so if you're awarding the lower value, it would then be an A. But a split leap is only a B if the legs are completely straight. If there's any bend, it becomes an A. Therefore, the lower value part is nothing. There are very few optionals who don't meet the minimum requirement of a leap, so I don't think it will be an issue.
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  8. I apologize if I misstated what you said. What were you referring to when you said "angle deductions will apply but won't take away the SR if it's less than 20 degrees from 180"? This is a change from previous JO code so want to make sure I am studying correctly since testing will be same time as our Congress.
  9. If we are on the same page regarding vault numbers - "1" is 105 cm, "2" is 110 - they are going to have to move up to at least "3" 115cm. That's the minimum table setting for the new 6/7 vault.
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  10. Lol, I noticed that about an hour ago. Gonna be "exciting" for our 2 girls with vault fears that are just barely up to a "1". Will have to see if HC realizes this yet. She just found out for sure late last week that the YMCA program will be following the new vault rules and purchased the new COP. Don't know if she has read it all yet.
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  11. This may have already been asked and answered . And sorry if it has.
    Can you flip the vault in L 6/7 if your ready? Or is it mandatory to do the set?
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  12. You cannot flip.
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  13. Ha, yes! I predict massive amounts of angle of repulsion deductions, especially on the tsuk timer (aka round off vault) which will likely be the easiest for weak vaulters to survive to two feet.

    No, "No flipping in any phase of any Vault, or after the feet touch the mat stack to indicate the completion of the Vault. Result is a "0" VOID Vault." Feet must hit first - no timers to the back.
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  14. ^^ So true. My weak vaulter recently said, "Don't worry mom.... If I can't get my yurchenko timer at 115 in time, I can always do a really bad tsuk timer. I've got that already!" :confused:
  15. It really sucks that some skills get looked down upon so easily, and often the kids who do them. My DD did a round off in L6, so the tsuk timer makes perfect sense for L7, while she’s drilling tsuks for L8. If the people writing the code decided they’re equal.. then why can’t they be?
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  16. Sorry if I’m being touchy. With a DD whose always doing things differently than the standard, it’s often looked down on.. and I’m tired and cranky and may have read too much into this.
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  17. Pretty sure my DD's reference to "really bad" was not a commentary on the tsuk timer itself as a skill, but rather to her personal execution of the vault. Something for me to look forward to this upcoming meet season!
  18. Tsuks are awesome! they are harder than the Yurchenko. They used to valued at 10.1 SV (for the Layout, I believe) until someone whined about it. Laying out a Tsuk is much harder than a Yurchenko. I don't know why people look down on them, probably because the college gymnasts all started doing tsuks at some point.

    I realized this weekend that a Tsuk is basically a Round off onto the table! :cool:

    My gymnast always competed a Tsuk, even at Eastern's.
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  19. Our L8 tried a tsuk timer and it wasnt pretty... but she is a FHS girl. Cant wait til YG gets to try the tsuk timer sometime in the next week (she wont compete it, being Platinum, but she has the best 1/2 On in the gym (according to ALL the coaches AND the L6-L8 and HS team girls).
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  20. Kids who do flip their vaults still do timers for training, so it's really not an issue to compete the timer still.
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