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I used the search and found nothing and sorry if this is in the wrong place. It wont kill you so please no "use the search" "this is in the wrong thread" and stuff like that.

What will be the differences from the JO code of points from the FIG code of points for guys cause I can never find the JO code of points anywhere? And could someone give me a link to the JO code of points? Thanks!
Feb 26, 2007
I don't remember people jumping on members for not being able to find stuff or posting them wrongly. We are so much nicer than most other gym boards. We are all here to learn. Peace!:p

As for your question, I have not a clue, try posting in the coaches forum as they have access to technical documents, and are very helpful.



I've never seen a JO men's COP like the girl's have.

Closest thing there is to this that goes over some of the value is the NGJA course notes

This shows the differences of FIG, NCAA, and JO optionals.

When JO optionals used the traditional scoring system, elements were often given a letter value of 1 above FIG. SOME B level moves where "C''s" in JO or credit was given toward straddle planche or stuff like Developmental "D's." There was a memo out this year that the system of JO optionals was being down this way to facilitate them getting more used to the FIG rules and scoring system down the road.
Not open for further replies.