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I am the webmaster of, first fan site for Olympic Silver and Bronze medalist, Jonathan Horton!

I want to spread the word and hopefully get new fans and satisfy current ones with this fan site.
While doing so, I like to share news updates, competition results, and multimedia with the fans.

So to start things off,

here is a video from today by NBC Chicago news, with Jon promoting 2016 Olympic apparel!
Video link (won't embed) Videos   How About Gifting Olympic Wear?

And an upcoming appearance:
Olympic gymnast Jonathan Horton will appear at the Missouri Winter Games, event organizer Jeff Collins said Thursday.

Horton is scheduled to give a high bar demonstration Feb. 28 at the Expo Center. He won a silver medal on the high bar and a bronze medal in the team competition at last summer's Olympic Games.

Women's all-around champion Nastia Liukin also has a scheduled demonstration Feb. 28 at the Expo Center.

"We're getting these people in their prime," Collins said. "Just last August, they were in the Olympics, and to get them right now is huge."

Collins said it took "a good chunk" of the event's budget to have the two gymnasts appear, but he declined to say how much.

I will update this thread with current pictures, videos, news articles, and other updates.
Two videos from the Netherlands Exhibition:
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The gala was the Unive Gym Gala in the Netherlands!
Here is a video from youtube.
I am still waiting on pictures!

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