JUDGES!!!! Level 4 Vault!?

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Aug 17, 2009
Judges, Ineed your help, coaches too, or anyone..... mostly judges tho, I am about 5'7" I am in level 4. For the vault, my past three meets,my scores have been a 9.2. Then, my past two meets, i have gotten, 8.6 and 8.7s.... Why? my coaches have asked the judges but htey have no reason, they thought i twas my run, but i fixed it, and still got low, does it depend on the jusdges?? What can i do to improve? mY coaches think it has to do with my hieght, and how i enter on the mat, it looks like i am piked b/c i am sooo tall, i am hollow, but u are supposed to be parrallel to the ground, like the little ones, but i cant, i dont vault withthe red 8 inch mat, but i dont know, i will parctice? any tips on how to improve, or why thisis 9.2 then BAMMM!! 8.6!?? No, im not doing anyhting different... Please help!!
Not open for further replies.