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Oct 2, 2008
South Carolina
I normally post in the parent section but got a very lovely message/comment from one of the gymnast members on CB since she could not post in the parent forum. Because of that I figured I would try posting something here... :D

I made a quick video of some fun things DD did over the summer in the National Gymnastics Day Exhibition, open gym and a Main Street Live Exhibition (actually held on Main Street of our town - you can see the road striping by the mats - LOL).

Some of the skills she got over the summer are: ROBHSBT, working her layout with a light spot, double fronts into the pit, press handstand, flyaway and this week she got her KIP!!! She is competing as a Level 4 and looking forward to moving onto Level 5 after the season now that she has her kip.

Hope you like her videos...

YouTube - jlewis219's Channel
Not open for further replies.