Parents Juju's 2nd Level 4 Meet

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Juju competed Sunday in the big meet that our gym hosted. I was really worried she would be overwhelmed since it was being held at the local university’s facility and there were 2 full sets of equipment running. Apparently, that was not the case. She did very good and wow what a difference in 3 weeks.

She started on beam and did a good routine – a few balance checks but much improved with no falls. Floor was next and she was much more precise over last time. Too bad she had a few crazy bobbles that I have never seen before or she might have had an awesome score. Vault was next and is always a major struggle for her. In warm ups, I was seeing vaults like I have NEVER seen from her, they were beautiful. Unfortunately, when it counted she hit the board badly on both vaults and was piked when she went over. Bars with her are hit or miss, either beautiful or sloppy. Again, warm up was beautiful and not so much when competing. The positive over last meet was she found her brakes on her mill circle but her back hip circle & dismount was disgusting. Oh well…

Overall, I was thrilled with how well she did and she was really proud of herself. Last meet I felt like she could have done better, but I feel like she really did try her best this time around. The Awards were for 6-7 years old and her scores were as follows.

Vault 8.65 - 8th
Bars 7.6 - 7th
Beam 8.6 - 5th
Floor 8.6 - 5th
AA 33.45 - 6th AA

Her 1st meet 3 weeks ago she had AA of 28.4 - I still have not posted video from that meet and now have to get this meet posted too. I will let evenyone know once I get it all done but wanted to at least get the details posted.
What an improvement! I think she did awesome! She brought her AA way way up. Way to go Juju!!
WOW - She really brought those scores up:D! Big Congrats to her - and it is only her 2nd meet, she is just warming up:)!
My goodness!!! What a huge improvement Juju has shown in such a short time. Even better now you know that she can do even better next time.. She is going to blow the socks of the other L4's as the season progresses.
That is an impressive improvement!! Good for her - congrats to your little gymmie :D
She should be very proud of herself! Those are great scores! Can't wait to see the videos!
It can just take 1 meet and a little more practice to get those higher scores. Sounds like she not only had a great meet, but also a fun time. I think the kids always have a blast when the meet is held by "their" gym.

So on to the next one!!!
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