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They started a new Level 1 Team at dd's gym. Julia has been invited to join. Can you believe it! She has been so happy and excited!! Yesterday was her first L1 class. It was one and half hours long and apparently not long enough for her liking. When it ended she was so upset!! She said she wanted to train for a long time like Lala (her sister). She was so funny! I guess she thought she was on a big girl team or something. hee hee!

This summer Julia has really "grown up" so much. She's always been kind of shy but lately has turned into quite the performer. I guess she's following big sis footsteps!! Oh No! heehee!

I think they will have in-house meets! How exciting! I will post her vids as she progresses in the upcoming months.
I just knew you were going to have to break out the checkbook for her as well. Both of your girls are so beautiful and talented. :D
Great job Julia. Level 1 team sounds so cute, I thought it was great when DD made level 3 team. Just think of how much it will help her when she starts with out of house meets.

Thank You all! Julia really is very happy and excited to have her own spotlight and skills. Mariposamama, you called it!!:D Hopefully the expense isn't much more than I am already paying. But I know eventually I will have two on team and competing. I am trying not to think about that too much now because I haven't quite figured out how I am going to afford it...:confused:
CONGRATS! We only do L4 & up around here, but I am sure that a L1 meet just must be the most adorable thing ever! We have just aquired the youngest sister of a family of 3 girls ...all on the team now. Let's just say that at 5 years old she keeps up and does just as good as the older girls & I think will be even better than all her sisters. And she was so ready to be on the team. It must have been watching all the gymnastics meets of her older sisters.

I think Julia will be something to watch out for & will catch up to Olivia pretty quickly! At least you can pass down those leotards & get more use out of them, LOL

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