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Jan 18, 2009
What do you do for a kid who struggles with jumping to the HB? I have a girl, about 5'1- so not much of a jump- who does an ugly tucked jump/fall/frog leg thing to the HB which makes it incredibly difficult for her to make her long hang pullover (does not yet have a kip) as she does a tucked swing instead of tapping. I feel like we are at a bit of a standstill as she is really struggling and getting upset with herself. Hoping for some tips on how to help her work through this. Thanks!
Set up a block (or several mats) under the high bar (creating a space that will not fit her body is it is extended) and make her jump and do a glide kip, (just like on the low bar). Do that for a few days, then lower the mats until she is in a hollow shape and not a glide position.
Augh, that great mystery of the frog-legged jump across. The purpose of its existence escapes me, and yet it continues to prevail! ;) Have her do lots of practice squat on/jump offs from a low bar, focusing on keeping her feet in front of her body. Also try working these jumps into the pit (even jumping off a mat or a folded up wedge works) with a coach holding a foam noodle out for her to practice "grabbing" with a straight body. Also, does the jump scare her at all? Usually it is my girls that are a bit afraid of the jump-across that end up doing the bent-legged thing for a long time (why, I don't know. As if scrunching your legs helps you jump easier...). :) Good luck to you!
Not open for further replies.