WAG Jump to High Bar? jump vs. fall

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Dec 9, 2012
Region 8
I am coming up to my 4th Xcel Silver competition and I had a simplified bar routine but now it is pullover, cast back hip circle, cast squat on, jump to high bar, 3 tap swings, 1/2 turn dismount. I recently got over my jump to high bar mental block, but now when I jump, I just fall to it and grab it. Will that be a deduction at competition when I compete it? Or do I just need to jump? I'm 5'4 and can just grab it.
Are the bars set too close? You should have to give a little jump in a hollow shape to the high bar. If you "fall" to grab the HB and your body goes into an arch you will get deducted.
I have the exact ruetine asyou. There will be a small deduction for just falling, the best thing you can do is squat on, stand up straight, jump off the bar in a hollow position and catch, but if you can't then just try to hollow and do not arch.
Not open for further replies.