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Just wanted to send a quick hello to the parents group here at the chalk bucket. I'm new here, but I might know some of you from other gymnastic groups.:)
My daughter has been involved in team gymnastics for the last 3.5 years, and is currently in the middle of her level 6 season. I've always loved the sport of gymnastics and am thrilled that I can share this journey with my daughter. I thoroughly enjoy watching her grow and develop, not only as a gymnast, but as a young woman (she just turned 12). Hope you don't mind me jumping right into the conversations here. Looks like a nice, friendly place.
Welcome!! this group is great!! soo helpful!! I am just getting into the team stuff and I am learning soo much here!!

I have a 7 yrold and in PReteam and a 5 yr old (almost 6) she just started preteam as well!! (its soo nice they are together sooo less driving for me LOL)
Welcome to the group:) I am glad you joined:)
I am Melissa and I have an 8 year old dd 2nd year level 4
and a 5 year old girl on Miniteam.
welcome! jump right in! :D i have a 5 year old on preteam/devo who will be moving to level 4 in march. :D
Hi.. I'm Mary..

I have two dd's chelsea who is 11 and a 2nd yr L4 and Morgan who's 5 and is on a level 3 team..
Welcome Gymkitty! I have an 11yo who is starting her L7 season tomorrow. Hope your dd has a very successful remainder of her L6 season. Glad you jumped right in!
Welcome !!

My dd is 7 and L3 likely moving to L4 in May or June. She has been taking gymnastics for almost two years. Our pre-team girls - L3, are actually competing this year. Just a few meets to get them used to it. She is doing very well. Next meet is next weekend 26 & 27th.

my ds is 11 also taking for almost 2 years. He is in a rec class and does not compete.
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