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Jan 5, 2008
Just wanted to send a quick hello to the parents group here at the chalk bucket. I'm new here, but I might know some of you from other gymnastic groups.:)
My daughter has been involved in team gymnastics for the last 3.5 years, and is currently in the middle of her level 6 season. I've always loved the sport of gymnastics and am thrilled that I can share this journey with my daughter. I thoroughly enjoy watching her grow and develop, not only as a gymnast, but as a young woman (she just turned 12). Hope you don't mind me jumping right into the conversations here. Looks like a nice, friendly place.


Proud Parent
Feb 10, 2007
Welcome!! this group is great!! soo helpful!! I am just getting into the team stuff and I am learning soo much here!!

I have a 7 yrold and in PReteam and a 5 yr old (almost 6) she just started preteam as well!! (its soo nice they are together sooo less driving for me LOL)


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
welcome! jump right in! :D i have a 5 year old on preteam/devo who will be moving to level 4 in march. :D

gymgirl0805's Mom

Hi.. I'm Mary..

I have two dd's chelsea who is 11 and a 2nd yr L4 and Morgan who's 5 and is on a level 3 team..

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
Welcome Gymkitty! I have an 11yo who is starting her L7 season tomorrow. Hope your dd has a very successful remainder of her L6 season. Glad you jumped right in!


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Welcome !!

My dd is 7 and L3 likely moving to L4 in May or June. She has been taking gymnastics for almost two years. Our pre-team girls - L3, are actually competing this year. Just a few meets to get them used to it. She is doing very well. Next meet is next weekend 26 & 27th.

my ds is 11 also taking for almost 2 years. He is in a rec class and does not compete.
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