Jumpstart Testing 2009 Results??? (for 2010 season)

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Jun 4, 2008
I'm curious what your results are for jumpstart. I see posts for TOPS (Gymnastics) but nothing on trampoline testing. My daughter recently did Jumpstart State Testing (Florida) and besides her teammate, we have nobody else to compare results to here in Florida.

I'm curious if my daughter has a "good chance" or a "fat chance" to make National Testing.

I'll post some of her results here:

She passed ALL the skills that she needed to pass (tumbling and trampoline).

Her Jump percentage was 18.400 and her reach height was 62.50, her Jump Height was 74.00.

Jump % 25.02
Jump Time: 13.76
She weighs 55 ilbs.

For strength and flexibility she got:

Pike Sit and Reach: 7.50
Pike Leg lifts 6 (this is confusing to me beacuse she DID do more)
Handstand Hold 21.00 (also confusing because she CAN do more than 3 mins)
Straight Body Hold 60.00 (She did it LONGER than 60 sec)
Shoulder Flexibility: 6.2

Chin-ups 7
Splits-Left Leg 2.00
Splits-Right Leg 3.50
Cricket Push-ups 8
60 Foot Sprint: 3.22
Power Jumps: 42.00

So are those good scores or not? I have absolutely no clue.

Julie Ann


can't help you out there, sorry. i'm from australia so we do things a tad differently
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