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Feb 8, 2008
As the Olympics approach I remembered this and thought I would share...

In late August of our gym has their own day camp which is really just an excuse for them to have practice longer and make us condition more. In '04 we did take a couple days and go up to Camp Miller which is through the Y where I go to gymnastics. It was the same week as the Olympics and coach recorded day 1 and brought the stuff we needed to watch it but all the girls had already seen it. There wasn't a TV we could watch it on at the camp we went for the next best thing... We packed the team into the camp vans and went to the closest laundry mat and watched it all sitting on plastic chairs and getting odd looks from the customers. It was fun but an odd experience. :D

this was a very simialar thing that happened to us during the cmap we had all of the girls watched the olympics on the projevtor well we all forgot that chris and hayden (two boys who used to do gymnastics ) where there and we all stripped off our leos and started to work out again in our bras and spandex and rite as we relized that the boys were there the cleaning crew walked in on us and the cleaning crew are all men
but cute
A quick update... 4 years later and our gym has upgraded from laundry mat to hotel. We have "camp" this week and today at 3 we went to a hotel that has a water park and we swam and ate pizza. There were 2 water slides and a lazy river. Our coach only saved the room until 9 though and we had to be out of there before the gymnastics came on... :( But its defiantly an improvement!
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