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Feb 8, 2008
My summer is busy. Mondays and fridays are gymn from 9-12 and then i go to comp cheer from 1-3. tuesdays & thrusdays are normal cheer from 7-9am and i usually work a 4-6 hour shift at old country buffet. Wednesdays go cheer-gymn-cheer which equals about 6 hours of exercise. I have kept up with this very well all summer long and i have no desire for summer to end. cheerleading isn't hard, i basically stand around until someone tells me to lift someone up. but my shins are starting to fight back.

I had shin splints at the end of basket ball season last year from cheering and tumbling on the gym floor but they were pretty minor. At gymn camp this summer they came back and they really don't seem to want to go away. I ice every night and switch a big bag of ice from one leg to the other every 15 minutes.

does anyone have a magical shin splits cure?
I've heard that eating bananas helps...

Also sitting in an icebucket up to almost your knees.

Prevention-walking on toes/heels, proper shoes.

Best of luck, I've never had shin splints.
i've heard the banana thing too

also when u are just sitting on the computer or something write the abc's with ur toes it will hurt but it should help long term

but here this is magic..

take a small paper cup ( like the bathroom size ones)
fill it with water
freeze it
take it out and rub it in cirlces up and down your shins
you should apply pressure even if it is painful
this is kinda like and ice massage for your shins
hope it helps =]
Not open for further replies.