just some clips of me

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just some clips of me


[youtube]SlzKGsEJf8Y [/youtube]

two more at home


Thanks for the clips 9bob8. I don't want to discourage you from having fun, but there are certain things that I must make clear as I don't want to see anyone get hurt.

Disclaimer: The Chalk Bucket does not agree with the use of backyard trampolines. Trampolines should only be used in a setting in which they are supervised by a professional gymnastics coach.

Many of my gymnasts have backyard trampolines and I tell them the same thing.
Nice clips---i agree---careful with the stuff off the trampoline at home. I know, I can't really be speaking either (all gymnasts do stuff like that..we can't help it).
I used to vault over the sofa too! I also did fly aways off my chin up bar
Great videos- thanks for sharing. I have to agree with everyone else about the backyard trampolines, even though they are so much fun. We used to use our bunk beds to flip off of.
I, personally love backyard tramps so long as they are kept in good condition. This is hard to do with the elements. OTOH, they should probably be supervised with plenty of padding.

Back to a technical point, if you were to set your flips more, they wouldn't scare us as much.
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