OT just threw it!!!

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I just got my roundoff-back handspring-backflip without a spot and without mats. It is awesome. Still working on the back tuck, though--anyone got tips for those??
congrats! Have you been working on tucks a lot lately? Remember to set a lot.

Thank yooouuuuuuu! No, I haven't been working on them so much lately. I try at home, but my only home spotter is many states away. My dad doesn't have a clue, so he could be dangerous(ha ha). Thanx for the encouragement--I will post again when I get it.
:D Thank you-- i have almost got my back tuck now, but i set back and up and always end up crashing....all good, though!
Dont forget to set. And Dont throw your head back. Once you get that, you will be able to find the landing.
Hey, my coach always talks about setting... when you set make sure you stay tight and push your hips forward a bit... and your arms shouldn't go past your ears. when they go to far they really aren't doing anything, stopping them is the key.

Hope i helped!
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