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So my DD has been battling her way through some major fear issues - lost all her back tumbling in Dec. and I am sooo proud of her for just keeping on keeping on and working through it. She is an amazing kid with great determination and I DO tell her that. But tonight, the night she nails her first layout 1/2 in two months, I am filling my third alter-ego role at the gym "mock meet". I am judge. (we have a small gym and in an effort to keep us going I am not only gym mom, I am board member, judge, sub coach). So instead of jumping up and down high fiving, I'm saying: "That was Great but, I had to deduct points..." GOD I hate making my kid cry! Nights like tonight I just want to be only the mom again...


I feel for you. I am a teacher and alot of people ask me why don't I teach at my daughters school, wouldn't it be easier. Answer - I just want to be her mum. I do coach at gym but I have an agreement not to coach her. We fall out LOL. Did you tell her afterwards that inside you were jumping up and down and screaming YEAH BABY!
Nov 5, 2007
Nice job on the layout 1/2.I know what you are talking about just wanting to be a mom.We homeschool and it is not easy at times.


Gotta be a tough position! I coached rec classes at the gym, but could never coach my own dd--way too hard!
Feb 18, 2009
Yeah that does not sound like a good position to be in. :( At least she got her back tumbling back and I'm sure you showed her how excited you were when you were in the car or at home!
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