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Hello to all the chalkbucket parents I left so long ago!! Remember me? My dd Olivia was a gymnast until last December when she called it quits. Having spent over 6 of her 9 years in the gym it has been a tough transition ~ for ME not her!! When asked, she doesn't miss it one bit. She misses her friends but that's about it. I on the other hand still get teary eyed when I watch an old video or hear her L7 floor music (bought, choreographed but never competed!) Anyway, some updates as to what we're up to. She tried diving but, still having the gymnast gene in her, she could never get past the head first issue. When you dive, it's head first. In gymnastics, obviously, it's feet first! So, she moved on to running. She did a program called Girls on the Run. They trained them to run a 5k, which she and I ran together back in June, and it was also a wonderful bonding and support group time for the girls to talk. She'll be doing it again next spring. Now she's taking voice lessons and started tennis lessons, both of which she loves. I miss my gym friends, too, and the gab sessions while waiting for practice to be over. I also miss the meets, and the excitement, doing her hair, etc. I don't miss making the payments, though. Not to say we're wealthy now, but it is nice to have a little more cash in my pocket.

I just wanted to say hi to everyone and let you know that while Olivia's not doing gymnastics anymore, I'm still a gymnastics fan and will always be one.:rolleyes:
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Great to hear from you Netty. SO glad Olivia has found something that she loves to do and that keeps her active. I love that you got to run a 5k together.

My girls are both toally out of the gym now too, oldest recovering from spine surgery and youngest moved on to cheer (ICK), I totally get you on enjoying the extra money in your pocket bit. I have been putting mine into the mortgage. I figure giving up gym will mean we own our home much faster!

Great to have you stop by, remember we have way more than gymnasts and parents here, fans too!
So nice to hear from you and so glad your dd is happy and healthy and looking forwards. I am of course glad you are still a gym fan!
Nettyinpa!!! I Missed you & so happy to hear Olivia is finding so many new activities to do.....and you too! Sorry the diving didn't work out! WOW, I could never do a 5K. I have heard of that Girls On The Run program. My DD also did a couple 5K's. After breaking her thumb in April she decided to work on an area that didn't require her hands or tumbling. After a couple races she started c/o knee pain thru the Summer, but the last one on Labor Day did her knee in. Trip to the Ortho, and she is out of gym again with couple cracks in her growth plate by her knee. She is mad she is missing some L6 stuff, but still goes in to condition.

The tennis also sounds like fun. A friend of my DD's went to the USAIGC program from USAG and recently started some new activities too. I think the girls are just used to the being on the go non-stop and love being active. I am jealous you have extra spending money because I am forever mentally calculating how much I would save a year by my daughter doing something else too!
Yeah, so glad that Olivia is happy in her decision to leave the sport. It's great to hear all the new things that she's trying. I bet the mother/dd running while bonding is awesome. And, you'll have to share her singing and tennis accomplishments with us well.
So glad you stopped by Netty. We miss you around here. So glad that Olivia is finding new and exciting outlets. Now Momma needs to find some The 5K together sounds exciting and like it was a wonderful experience for the two of you. Sorry the diving didnt work out. But, hey, tennis sounds like another good avenue. Keep in touch please. Just because Olivia isnt in gymnastics anymore doesnt mean your still not a member of the CB family.
Glad to see you around here again! And it sounds like Olivia is happy in her post-gym life which is wonderful to hear. Keep posting- it's always nice to have those who have "been there" giving feedback!
So great to hear from you Netty! Glad to hear that Olivia is keeping busy and trying new things!
Thanks for stopping by and saying "Hi" Netty! It sounds like Olivia is doing splendidly. I know if Beetle ever decided to stop gymnastics I think it would be hard on me too!

Check in once and a while!
Keep in touch please. Just because Olivia isnt in gymnastics anymore doesnt mean your still not a member of the CB family.

Thank you everyone! I'll check back in more often!! I've been busy training for another 5k next weekend. One good thing to come out of her leaving the gym has been my running. Lost 20 lbs, can run over 3 miles and feel great. I promise I won't be a stranger!
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Netty, so good to hear from you. Sounds like the whole family is doing great and Olivia is busy!! Check back often, you're missed.
So nice to hear from you!! Glad that Olivia is happy and doing well, that is what is most important! Thanks for stopping by and updating us!
Netty it's GREAT to hear from you and to hear that Olivia is getting involved in so many other activities! I do remember everything she was going through! GOTR is a GREAT program. The elementary school where I work also has this program and everyone really enjoys it. Glad she's doing it again this year.

My DD recently quit the sport as well, and I can SO TOTALLY empathisize w/you!! She doesn't miss it, but boy I sure do! She was up to L8, had gotten all of her skills was ready to go and then school started (her junior year), and with all the AP/Honors classes and the homework load, well, she decided she was done with gymnastics. She hasn't looked back either!! We, the parents, do get so emotionally invested in this sport, it's so hard to let it go, isn't it?

Keep checking in and keeping us updated on Olivia! (and you!)
Hi Netty! Glad to hear that Olivia has found something else that she enjoys!

My oldest has also "retired" from gymnastics - she is now a HS cheerleader.
Glad things are going well for her! I know if Beth ever quit, I'd be upset too--miss my friends there and watching. One of our moms who's daughter just quit in August, still comes and chats with us--she even came and volunteered at the meet we host! Guess it gets in your blood :)
It is good to hear from another parent who has survived their daughter leaving gym. I can so relate to your post. I remember your daughter we were from the same state. If I am correct I think our girls did gym around the same time 2007 until this past year.( my daught left the sport after last season in May and I think my daughter was older shes 11 and in level 6 last year. I can so feel your pain that your daughter never competed her optional routine, my daughter would of got one this year. (at least I did not have to pay for one.). My daughter like yours does not miss it but I do ecspecailly the parents. She also was afraid to dive off the diving board never tried diving but did swimming. After 2 weeks on the swim team she finally did it she was also scared to jump head first. Anyway her friend who is still doing gym is now going 5 days a week in retrospect I think she would of never lasted with a schedule like that although my daughter is doing alot of other things she is still busy but she has variety and is able to do alot of things with the kids in school that she would not be able to do if she continued with gym. We are still going to try to make it to one of her friends gyms meets this year. I kind of feel sad and bad because 3 of her friends are in all different levels and will be competing alot on by themselves. ( Daughters former gym was small alot of girls have left the team). So any way life has continued on without gym my daughter is doing volleyball swim and cheerleading through school(it is a small catholic school and pretty much low key not anywhere the pressure of gym. She is also doing irish dancing shows and eventually competitions (I really like this it is a great dance troupe and parents are real close it kind of reminds me of gym) non competitive dance point and sewing classes so were are way busy. Good luck to your daughter and you hopefully it will get better I quess it is good that our girls do not regret their decision to leave gymnastics I was really worried about that.
Hi Netty:)) I miss you too. Emily and Madi also quit gym:( but now we are in competitive cheer too. Not sure I am that crazy about it... Parents are nuts over their kids for one routine one chance... I guess that is why I don't like it as much. However, I can see getting caught up in the competition travel thing.:) Get to go to Myrtle beach SC in March... can't wait. Indy in January. But wow, i didn't think cheer could have more drama than gym but it does.
Anyway, way to go on the running for both of you:) that is fabulous:):)
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