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Aug 3, 2008
Lol, I know, she is still working on getting her knees up more for the tuck, she can do a great layout on the tumble track, but isn't ready yet to try it on the floor. lol..

She wanted to try gymnastics...and I think she was getting a bit burned out, they were very competitive were she use to cheer, I think it got to be too much. The parents were out of control there too.

Actually that was from last night, and she started cheering again too. Since she left the gym she was cheering at, another gym in the area has been trying very hard to "recruit" her for their team. We have been telling them no since August, but we finally gaved when they said she would be on a Junior level 3 team. She said she couldn't pass that up lol! They seem really nice there, and since they know she is doing gymnastics now, she is only required to come to cheer practice once a week and she is exempt from their madatory tumbling classes cause they know she gets tumbling practice in at gymnastics. For that reason, they gave me a great deal on the monthly fees and stuff. So she went for the first time last night. They are much more laid back there, and you can tell, even though it is All Star, it's more about the fun of it. The parents were very nice as well...she really seemed to enjoy it.

So now, she is doing both lol....
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