K-Bee Leotards?

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Does anyone have and K-Bee leos? I found a couple i like, but I've never gotten any from there so I don't know if they're good quality or not.... and how do the sizes compare to GK leos??
My dd tried a couple of their leos a few years ago. Depends on your body-type. DD found them baggy in the butt, & they also 'pooched-out' in the lower- back region, instead of hugging her there. We had to send them back. But I think they were decent leos, and well-priced. I think K-Bee is a good value, if you like the fit.
I used to have a few. They are a bit big in the butt and lower back. They look funny unless wearing shorts since the shorts pretty much covers up the weird parts. I would not recommend them though.
My dd has a lot of K-Bee leos and she loves them! They fit pretty well. I haven't found them to be too baggy anywhere like the previous posted have noticed, especially since my dd has like no butt whatsoever! Maybe she is just wearing the tighter fitting ones. She is 9 yrs old and wears the K-Bee size 9/10. I like them because they are reasonably priced and they wash really well inside out in the washing machine AND dry well in the dryer.
We ordered lots of these from the USA. They are great. My DD is very skinny (no butt at all) and they have always fitted wonderfully. They washwell (I always just throw them in the machine - no hand wash here!) and have lasted for years.
My dd had a bunch from there as well. They do run a little big so check the size chart when ordering. I actually broke out the measuring tape to make sure I ordered the right size. The material is a little thinner than some of GK's which my dd loved - she said they were really comfortable.
Thanks everyone - I think I'll go ahead and order some and if they don't fit right i can always just send them back.
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