Kayleigh's Triumphant Chalk Bucket Return

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Jun 1, 2015
Hi friends! Long time no talk.

You may (or may not. probably not.) remember me from my tenure on this lovely forum four or so years ago. Username Kayleigh, slightly obnoxious teenager. Well... the years have passed, I no longer have access to that old account, and I'm back - not just here but in the gym as well, this time as a coach. :)

If you don't remember me... hi! I'm Kayleigh. I'm 21 years old and a coach at a gym outside of Pittsburgh, PA. I was a competitive gymnast for 8 years and even lasted until I graduated high school despite some serious back pain, which is still one of my proudest accomplishments. I also snagged a state title on floor my senior year - not a bad way to go out.

After moving back home from college for the summer last year and begging my old coach to somehow work me into the schedule so my parents would get off my back about getting a job, I found myself back in the gym as a coach. What started out as a minimally time consuming hobby turned into "oh crap, we just lost two full time coaches HEY KAYLEIGH, GUESS WHAT?!" and now I'm the head coach of our Xcel team and I work with our compulsories/level 6s as well. I love it, and it's so fun to see this sport from the "other side".

Aside from that... I'm a pretty chill gal who happens to like New York City and musical theatre quite a lot. I dream of moving to Brooklyn someday and working in either theatre management or PR. I'm a senior arts administration major at Slippery Rock University (yes - it is indeed a real place! Lol!) I LOVE all things Disney but especially Frozen - I even make some extra cash being Princess Anna at parties which is a blast. My free time is usually spent crafting or perusing Tumblr (you can find me at pictureofsoph1sticatedgrace if you so desire). Other than that... I'm very, very glad to be back, and I look forward to making new friends/saying hello to old ones here! :D

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