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Aug 3, 2016
So, as most of you probably know, I stopped gymnastics about 2 months ago. So far, I have the same amount of flexibility (and even increased pike from diving!) but I'm worried that it will decrease. Any ideas for keeping it up? I thought it would be cool to join a contortion class, but those are hard to find near me and the ones I found were 1) for adults or 2) like $75 a class...

Do your gymnastics warm-up including stretches every morning. Working out in the morning is proven to be amazing and you will easily keep up with flexibility. If you can't find a contortion class, maybe Rithmic gymnastics?
I've been out of gymnastics officially for a year. I stretch one day a week for about 30 minutes and I haven't lost any of my flexibility. Interestingly enough, flexibility is important in swimming as well. So it was nice that I already had that when I joined!
i'm in my late 30s and i had all my flexibility and most of my strength until about 7-8 years ago. i've tried to get some back, but it seems elusive for now. honestly, i didn't work at it and i kind of took it for granted. meddling with it on occasion. i could still do a backhandspring, bridge, splits, even a kip (except middle split... i have never had that all the way down... close, but not all the way), but not now. i wish i had it back, but i think i am too far past that now and i'm not sure what i would accomplish by having it other than it being just a personal goal. i would say keeping up with it is easier.
Since you're in high school, it might be OK for you to take a contortion class for adults (if you ask the provider about it). Other than that, you can always stretch at home or take dance classes. Or a tumbling or acro class might include some flexibility things. You might see some things improve and some things get a little harder. I've found that, five years after stopping competitive gym, my splits, pike, and straddle are similar to how they were back in the day, but my active flexibility is a bit worse. My shoulders are less flexible. My back flexibility is similar but back stuff still hurts like no other.
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