Kick up to handstand: shoulder position

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Jul 19, 2019
Adult trying to learn some gymnastics here. I've noticed that there are two possible way to approach the gymnastics entry to a handstand: in one the shoulders are not completely open when the hand contact the ground but reach the fully open position while reaching the hs; in the other the shoulders are fully open at all times.

Which one is better to learn for tumbling, e.g. for a front handsprings? My impression is that the fully open shoulders one has a better transfer and power generation, but makes it a bit harder to find balance (although that might be because I just switched to it). It also seems to me that it requires to start in a longer lunge (that is the two feet have to be more distant), which again I think is good for tumbling, is that right?

Yes, definitely do it with your arms by your ears, i. e. with open shoulders. Basically your hands, shoulders, hips, back leg knee and back leg foot should all be in one line going down to handstand.
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Perfect thank you! I’ve noticed that handbalancers prefer different entries, but I suspected that for tumbling power this is the way to go. Now if only I had any tumbling to speak of :p
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