For Coaches Kicking out to early on double front

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Geoffrey Taucer

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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
One of my guys is working a double front on floor. When he does it into a pit, it is insanely high, he opens up with perfect timing, and comes down perfectly set up to land it. However, when we throw a mat in the pit, he goes lower (though still high enough to make the skill) and kicks out early, causing him to land on either on his butt or on his back.

Any pointers?
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Sep 6, 2007
I've never had anyone doing them onto a mat yet but with a front tuck I have them spot something on the wall in front of them when they go into it then look for it when they come out. I would think that would work for a double front too. Best of Luck!


Nov 12, 2007

Well given that the double front technique/entry is good, somie is high, rotation is plenty (which by the sounds of it you saying it is) then really your solution to the problem is... repetition haha simple as that.
Remind him not to open to early, try and spot and keep orientated (but this all about practice), and then its just about numbers till its consistent, and so he gets comfortable about landing it.

There is no magic trick to repetition but to do it.
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