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Dec 21, 2008
Have any of you guys kicked the coach when they were spotting you? I have never kicked my own coach(YET), but yesterday at another gym that I work out at, when I was working my back kickover, and she was spotting me, my shoulder gave out, and she got a smelly sweaty foot to the face! I felt horrible, but she was more concerned about me and the fact that I fell on my face! I felt so badly, and kept apologizing, and she was like, don't worry about me, are you ok? I guess its something you get used to as a coach lol
Jul 21, 2008
New Zealand
I haven't kicked anyone but I have slapped them. As a coach though, I have been kicked and slapped numerous times, and its done permanent damage to my neck. I still love coaching though, and I'm learning to be super careful and to use a lot more drills to teach skills.


Hahahaha. Oh boy.

Years ago at a tumbling clinic, It Was Decided that I needed to twist earlier and better (I'm a flipper not a twister), so they had these 2 big guy spotters one on each side. One threw, the other twisted, I freaked and threw my arms and legs out like whoa, and managed to knock them BOTH over. I was about 16 or 17? The person running the camp couldn't stop laughing.

And as a coach, I've...uh...been pretty beat up. It's probably karmic revenge *grin*. Occupational hazard.
Feb 3, 2009
I've never kicked or slapped a coach but I do remember one time I was working on a HS snap down back tuck from a vaulting board on the floor. I lost my balance and grabbed him by accident in a very inappropriate place. Now that was embarrassing!


Littlelady, that is pretty funny. Oww, like I can only imagine. Sounds like something a crazy in pain kid on the way out in labor gal would a movie.

I tell them that it's part of my job to get hit, slapped and kick so long as it's not on purpose. My boys who have tried have learned the hard way that it's not ok to try to kick the coach in the privates. Little boys seem to have a homing target for that and fortunately after one beat down they learn.

My only concern even when getting hit by a spottee is that I'm still able to keep them safe.

I hit my coach a time or two on accident when I was younger, but not since I've began to tumble again. I, however, get hit from time to time. Last week, I got kicked right in the nose:( The kids really are apologetic, but I tell them as long as they're ok...I'm ok


Nov 18, 2007
Metro Detroit, Michigan
i read this yesterday morning and then coached yesterday night...i got kneed in the ear and then elbowed in the nose. i'm not reading anymore of these types of post!


Dec 21, 2008
Didn't mean to curse you! I will be sure to put a disclaimer next time if I post anything like this again!


Jun 26, 2007
Ontario, Canada
I don't think I've ever kicked a coach but I have hit coaches with my hands. Most recently it was while trying to do a back tuck.

I've also been hit while coaching. Usually I get hit while spotting "skin-the-cat" on bars and a kid will let go with one hand too early (I coach preschool/young rec).

As CoachGoofy said, it's an occupational hazard.
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