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So, just wondering if anyone, coaches especially, that have had their students say some pretty off-the-wall stuff to them. I had one of my 7 year olds ask me today if I was a teenager or a grown-up...I have to say I'm well past my teen years...LOL! I've also had another student about a week or 2 ago ask me since I was a girl why do I have man muscles!!! I think it's funny...:D
Nov 4, 2008
I was judging on a two judge panel. I was not head judge, so I was not doing the greeting of the gymnasts. One of the little level 2's asked if I was the "helper"
Oct 27, 2008
Colby, Kansas
Last year I had a lil boy in my kindergarden class who kept falling on his head when he did handstands. And I pointed to his arms and said do you have any muscles in there and he said nope just mashed potatoes!
I laughed so hard.


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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Well, today at DD's meet HC came up to us and told us that while they were waiting their turn on beam she asked them to close their eyes and picture themselves doing their beam routine. They were sitting there w/ their eyes closed and their fingers on their temples. Out of my DD's mouth comes "Oh Crap, that was -insert teammates name here !!"


These are pretty funny and cute. A gym mom at my gym told me that she and her DD ran into one of the coaches at the grocery store. And the girl (who was maybe 4 or 5 years old) asked the coach why she was at the store food shopping. The coach says well I have to go home and cook and eat too just like you and your family! And the girl says "No you don't cuz you live at the gym!"


OMG gymmomntc!! That is hilarious! I have a story of my own.. very similar to yours:

On the beam, my seven year old was doing back walkovers on the high beam :)D) and her beam buddy kept tickling her and making her laugh so she fell off. She said to her "Dam! I wanted that one perfect!" HC heard her and fell down laughing, no one else on the team knew why. I guess they will know when they are older:eek:
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Feb 7, 2008
These are so funny :)

I was coaching open gym and a bunch of skater boys were there playing around. One of them was swinging on the bars and got a little rip. Someone taped it up for him grip style and he came back wide-eyed and told his friends "They say the little girls get rips that bleed and they just tape them up and GO BACK TO THE BARS!" Haha

I have this habit of falling on my face at least a few times a practice lol. My coach was trying to get a girl to purposeful over-rotate something and land on her face in the pit and she was like "hang on I'll just channel jelly" :) (jelly's my nickname :)

A young class girl told her coach "this bar is really long!"
She replied, "That's because it's a beam" LOL


Wow...I can't believe I almost forgot this one! Last season, I had a little girl (about 4 or 5 yrs old) whose dad dropped her off for class. Usually mom drops her off so I asked her if mom was sick...to my surprise she said "No, she's at home in her panties watching tv." I tried so hard not to laugh histerically!!:D
Sep 9, 2007
We had a gym sleepovery thing and I was sitting with the younger kids and one of them said it was their first time away from home, so I was like "Your mammy and daddy'll be glad they're getting away from you, then?" (I was just kidding BTW) and she went "Yeah, they get to sleep together tonight!"

It turns out she's scared of the dark so one of them has to stay with her all night. LOL.
Nov 8, 2008
ya i have had lots of funny moments but once i was at tops and a 8 incher was standing up the tall way and we were seeing how high we could jump touching the 8 incher and my partner started freaking out and backing aaway and all of the sudden the mat fell right ontop of me and like everyone in the gym started lokking at me


I'm a 17 year old coach, and yes, those kids are funny!

One little girl asked if I was a mom. When I said no, I'm not old enough, the girl said, "Then why do you work?"
Dec 8, 2007
This has nothing to do with gymnastics but in 8th grade me and my friend had to help the kindergarteners get onto the bus and one day we were sitting with them. And the one little girl is sitting between us and she was like , "I'm sitting with grown ups!"
Ok, I have one to share.

About a year or so back, I was watching my DD's class with the other parents, and one of the girls, about 4 or 5 fell off the beam.

She loudly exclaimed "Oh Heavens to Betsy!"

The parents watching all snickered a bit, but I wasnt gonna let that one go. I turned to her mother and before I could say anything, she looked at me kind of red faced and said.... "oh shut up Tim." All the parents were laughing loudly then. :p
Aug 26, 2008
That is funny Tim_Dad! I once had a gym girl who was like 7 ask me if I could help her with her grips. I said in a minute (I was in the middle of refilling the chalk bucket) She asked me if my minutes were as long as her mom's minutes. I had to stop and laugh. :D
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