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My oldest guy has been asking me to give him harder conditioning workouts.

I'm dead serious.

I told him that starting this summer, I'll invite him in to join me whenever I come in to condition.

sometimes you need a harder workout because you've done like nothing. one day after vault we were like running for 3 minutes or something? and my coach made it seem like it was sooooooo hard but were like um its 3 minutes? but then sometimes we like die lol
This isn't really like a practice but it has to do with gym cuz we were at the gym. SO its storming and we are at practice and the lights go out and they say we have to leave the gym cuz like the roof could blow off or something so we all go into the locker room. Then they tell us we have to evacuate cuz the generator started a fire or something so they tell us to run outside to this pavillion. So its like hailing and theres all these gymnasts sprinting out in leos and no shoes and some girls have grips on and then they see funnel clouds so we have to turn around and by this point people are crying and slipping and then we like jumped in random people's cars in the parking lot. haha it was like scary but kinda fun.
worst practive ever for me was probably one time when I forgot my grips at home after a meet, and we get in alot of trouble for that. I had to do 500 hollow body rocks. It was awful. It hurt really bad at the time, but the next it wasn't too bad surprisingly.
I am weird and go along with another user who said they actually like conditioning. I love to work hard.
A long time ago, in level 4, we ended up having to run 30 minutes for warm up instead of 10 because a lot of people were walking. Then when we started events, everyone was completely out of it so our coaches made us condition the rest of the night o_O it was torture and I couldn't walk the next day!
Not open for further replies.