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DD is 6 and training level 4 USAG. Her passion and dedication to this sport at such a young age never ceases to amaze me. Her brother is 4 and a free spirited lover of super heroes and cars cars. He's also not a bad little soccer player :)
I have a 5 year old pre-teamer. They're learning the level 3'ish routines and do in-house competitions...more for fun than anything.
My DD is a Prep Op Silver right now. She will go to USAG lvl 4 in fall.

My other DD has discovered softball and loves it.
I have a 9 yr old USAG level 6. She's had an abbreviated season this year due to injury. I have no idea what they will do with her next year. My almost 4 yr. old goes to a preschool class once a week with her school. We may try her in a dance/gym combo class this summer.
I have three children. My oldest is an 18 yo 'Drama' Queen. DS is a 12 yo Elite wrestler, and DD 7 is a level 5. She just moved to her new gym and it isn't certain what level she will compete next year. Coaches are uptraining her a bit because she came in raring to go. Needless to say she is loving every minute!!
My DD (10) just finished up L5 and is learning routines for USAIGC. She will be learning some new stuff & I guess based on the next couple months coaches will figure out what to do with her next. Our motto has always been one step at a time, and as long as she is happy, we are happy. She also enjoys field hockey, softball, and wants to try out for girls all-stars and does dive team during the Summer. Not sure about the all-stars team yet, it's a huge committment time wise.

I also have a DS (15) who is a musician and enjoys baseball. And, another DS (12) who wrestles for middle school, plays on two baseball teams (all star & rec), soccer & saxaphone. And I just drive around from the time I leave work til about 9:30 at night, LOL
A mid season move up to Level 6 with one meet under her belt at this level. Super proud as she has worked so hard! Scored a 35.95 at her first level 6 meet, so off to states next.
A mid season move up to Level 6 with one meet under her belt at this level. Super proud as she has worked so hard! Scored a 35.95 at her first level 6 meet, so off to states next.
Two boys - 6 & 7 - both on training team this year. One can't wait to move up to "Real Team" and the other never ever wants to compete (but can't wait for baseball season to start!). They also wrestle and play piano.
DD is 6.5 years old and on Level 3 - USAG. She previously did nearly 3 years of rec classes. Also, I have a 4-year old little guy in rec classes. :)
I have three daughters. Oldest DD is seven and finishing USAG level five, second DD I is four and loves music and dance, youngest DD is two and well is very busy just being two;)
I have Emily(age 11) level 6-7 usag but competing this spring at a new gym for amerikids then back to usag in fall depends on a few things like getting giants and consistently not balking back tumbling passes... if only she didn't have to connect ugh....She is also now in competive dance team as well and doing great.
Madison(age 8) level 4 usag fall and amerikids spring almost got her kip and if she gets it level 5 here we come.
Austin age 12 and just having his best swim season to date with 4 "A" times this year and placing in top 5 pretty much in every meet this season with quite a few 1st, 2nds and 3rds:) Divisional championship meet in 2 weeks.
DD Age 15 Competing USAG Level 9 this year

DD Age 13 Competitive Dancer

DS Age 6 - enjoys Baseball, Soccer and tormenting his older sisters.
DD1 18yrs Fllute player and graduating HS...on to College next year!
DD2 15 yrs Level 8 (currently injured and not competeing) hoping to do level 9 after injury next year!
I have a 21 year old daughter who is a "retired" level 10 gymnast and a 5 1/2 year old daughter who is in developmental program (level 2? 3? - it's actually sort of hard to tell. :)

Best Wishes,

I have a 6 year old dd who is wrapping up Level 1 USAG season(they compete) she also plays soccer and does swimming
4 year old dd is in rec gym and will start soccer in the fall and swimming this summer.

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