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Feb 8, 2008
I can do a strait arm kip and I can squat on all day long but for the life of me I can't kip then get my feet anywhere near the bar. My cast is plenty high, and sometimes when I try a nearly go head first over the bar because my shoulders are so far over and my feet won't get on the dang bar! My coach say that I'm scared, and I guess I am but I'm not terrified. It's a lot scarier to go over head first than to just put my feet on the bar but I just won't do it!! Any advice from you more experienced gymnasts and coaches out there?


When I first saw the title of your post, I was going to tell you to lean your shoulders over the bar-but that clearly isn't an issue. Squat-ons can a be a bit scary when you first start connecting but you really just have to go for it. It gets much easier after that first time.


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Jan 4, 2008
When you are struggling with a skill there can be a few steps to try to help you work it.

Step 1 - first make sure you are really concentrating on what it is you are meant to be doing. Many gymnasts think they are doing this but instead are focusing on the fact that they feel like they are going to mess it up. Just concentrate hard on getting your feet on the bar.

Step 2 - if that does not work, try visualisation. Close you eyes and picture yourself doing the skill perfectly, don't let the old picture of yourself missing your feet come up. Generally if your mind can picture your body can do what it needs to do to make it happen.

Step 3 - If this doesn't work go back to basics. Break down the skill and go back to the drills you did to learn it.

Step 4 - If this doesn't work. Seek out help. Your coach may not have the right words to help you get those feet on the bar but there are others that can help. Other coaches in the gym, other experienced gymnasts. Some of them may have even gone through the roblem themselves and be able to share with you what helped them through.

Step 5 - Walk away, if you have tried it all and in just isn't working stop working on it for the day. Move onto something different. Your body and your brain will work differently on different days. Try again tomorrow.
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