WAG kips, tsuks and half on half off front tuck vaults?

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Mar 15, 2023
in practice i work on high bar/low bar kips, tsuks and half on half off front tuck vaults (anyone know what those are called?) and I'm struggling with some so i would appreciate some advice!
I've been working on kips for a few months now and I know its getting better and I'm literally at the top and my hips are touching the bar but i cant seem to shift my wrists to lean over the bar. maybe its because I'm tall 5'5/5'6 and i have long legs so they just weigh me down or i don't have enough arm strength but I've been try to shift and it hurts my hands (i don't have grips)
for high bar kips i don't even know i don't really pull up with my arms and legs my legs just hang as i pull

when i do a tsuk am i supposed to see the vault table as a flip? also i don't tuck because idk how and don't really set. i literally just block and throw and i have no idea how to grab my knees and tsuk

half on half off front tucks?
what are these called lol
for these i think i get lost in the air i block and twist sideways but I just started them so im mostly looking for the name of the skill lol

First thing: it's not a big deal, but we'd appreciate an attempt at proper spelling, capitalization, etc. We're not your English teacher, and we're not going to be grammar police in general, but capitalization at the beginning of sentences and avoiding shorthand such as "idk" would make your posts much easier to read, and you'd probably get better responses.

Regarding the kip:
from the way you're describing it, I'd wager a decent amount that you're gripping the bar too tightly. You want a relaxed grip; you shouldn't be trying to shift the wrists, so much as relaxing your grip and allowing a natural regrip to occur as you peel out to your fingertips.

Regarding the Tsuk:
I'm a huge proponent of using visual cues whenever possible, but I gotta be honest: I could never see anything when I did tsuks, which is probably why I could never land them cleanly. Back when I was competing, I could stick a Kazamatsu (similar to a Tsuk 1/1) most of the time, whereas I could rarely even stay on my feet at the end of a non-twisting Tsuk.
Pulling in to a proper tuck is also really hard in a Tsuk, simply because it's moving so fast. I'd give you tips on this if I had any, but the problems you're having are the exact same ones I had, and I never really found a solid solution, until I moved on to a Kazamatsu.
Best of luck.

Regarding the 1/2-1/2-front:
I've often heard it referred to colloquially as a Kaz-front, but I don't know if it has a formally-recognized name. IMO, it's an excellent and under-utilized style of vault at the mid levels, excellent prep for a Kazamatsu/Tsuk 1/1.
For orientation, it's not so much a 1/2-1/2 as it is a 1/4-1/4. Think of it almost like a carthweel that turns outward at the end. I'll assume you're training these into a pit; what I would do is focus on the 1/4-1/4 first, and try to spot the pit before tucking. The eventual goal of this vault is to turn the front tuck into a front 1/2, giving you a relatively easy Kazamatsu.
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