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nasticsISlove 72

ok so, i am in a prep-optional program,
and i need a kip inorder to move up to a higer level.
i cannot do them the right way,
i always tap the floor and push away from the bar.
my coach says i have the strenght to do one but i just am not "trying hard enough"
when i am giving it all my best.
how exactly do youh stop tapping and not push away from the bar? :confused:
I hate it when coaches tell kids they aren't trying hard enough instead of giving actual corrections. One of my biggest pet peeves.

Anyway, I'd have to see you do it to be sure, but it sounds to me like the first problem is with your glide swing -- can you do one withoutt apping the ground? Ideally in a glide kip, you should extend at the top of the glide before pulling in for the kip.

As for the kip itself, it's simply a transition from a pike to a hollow while pushing the bar from your toes to your thighs. Don't try to finish in a support; try to finish leaning forwards past the support.

It would help a lot if you could post a video.
in my gym we are not allowed to use video cameras during practices, but ill tell youh how i do one.
i jump into a glide. and i tap the floor then hit hollow. then i shoot my feet to the bar, then i push up and away from the bar.
i hope that helped youh understand how i do one.
Following on from that, assuming a good glide and the ankles being properly brought up near the bar, I've heard one coach explain the kip motion as being just like "pulling on a pair of pants". The imagery of that helped to explain to the girls how the legs had to slide up the bars (without much separation) and how the hips had to come up to the bar. If I recall, the metaphor for transitioning to (and past) support was "revving a motorcycle". This helped the kids understand how they had to move their wrists. It's been a few years and memory fades, so maybe a coach here can better tie those metaphors to the specific motions. Always liked the pants one, though, because it spoke to how the bar had to stay in proximity to the legs and hips and the legs had to slide up the bar. Might bruise the shins at the beginning, but that is quickly learned.
thanks, ill try thinking of that when we train again on them.
i think it is because i came to this level from a lower level then everyone else and i was never taught how to do a glide or a kip like they did. i have been working on them at practice and all of the advice has helped me. i dont quite have my kip yet but i have got much better.
my problem is still that i push away from the bar instead of pushing down on it.
i think it is because i came to this level from a lower level then everyone else and i was never taught how to do a glide or a kip like they did. i have been working on them at practice and all of the advice has helped me. i dont quite have my kip yet but i have got much better.
my problem is still that i push away from the bar instead of pushing down on it.

One problem I often see with kips that gives the illusion that the the gymnast is pushing away from the bar is gripping the bar too tightly. If you have the bar in a death grip, your wrists are essentially stuck under the bar. This causes the arms to bend, the chest to stop rising, and the bar to come away from the legs, as if you're pushing away. Loosen your grip a little, and you start to peel -- and then use this as an opportunity to regrip and get your hands on top of the bar.

The regrip is something you will probably do automatically once you start peeling, which is why I say you should try loosening your grip a bit.

Again, though, I can't be sure if this is your problem without seeing your kip myself. It may be something else entirely.
now that i do think about, it my wrists don't really move during my kip. so, i'll try doing one with a looser grip.
me 2

I was like that to! but what I'v found helps is to, ~no matter haw dumb this sounds~ don't tap! it develops a bad habit. my coach told me that and at first I thought you've got to be kidding thats the only way I can get up at all but after awhile I got stronger and now I'm so much closer!:eek:
Well, It Looks Like You Have Already Gotten A Lot Of Good Advise So I Just Want To Add...... A Kip, In My Opinion, Is One Of The Hardest Skills For Certain Gymnast (including Myself) To Master....but Once You Get It, It's The Greatest Feeling Ever!!! Don't Give Up, Sweetie, It Will Come. =)
The kip

How tall are you? My DD coach seems to think the taller girls tend to tap becuase they have alot more legs to pull their pants up on. The one piece of advice no one gave you was comditioning.If you can;t hole youe legs up you need to do exercises to strengthen themFor eample leg lifts and v ups. My DD had to do these and it made a big difference on her form and lack of tapping. you can do theses at home in front of your fav tv show. dont give up. my DD was one of the last ones to get her kip and now she has the nicest one in the gym. She is teach a kip to a non kipper queen!!!! So far this past season she has 6 in her club.
Hi.... not sure if your gym would allow you to do this but.... have you tried straddle glide kip? This would help SOOO much in keeping your feet off the ground, at my gym the older and taller girls and higher level girls all straddle glide kip.
Yes. straddles are good! I started with pikes,switched to straddles because they were easier, then about a year ago, i pulled my hip flexor doing a kip. Now, I went back to pike, because I am no longer as comfortable with straddles-i can feel it stretching oddly.
i am about 5 feet tall....and alot of girls on my team are going the straddle glide kips. my coaches have never recomended trying those to me. also when i went to camp this summer, when we worked on kips, they used those foam noodle things because, i would eaither tap the ground, or while doing the glide, have my feet to high. so that kinda helped, but not really. i have gymnastics tomarrow and we are going to bars, so ill try some straddled.
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ok well at my old gym no one was getting a kip so i explained it like this
before you jump to the bar squeeze all your muscles get into a hollow position then jump when you jump you should still be in a hollow position then you open your hips at the end but be sure to squeeze your stomach so your feet dont hit then use your abs to pull your feet to the bar then go from your ankles up your shins to your knees then your hips but when the bars at your knees you want to think about the hollow position you want to pull the bar up and then push it to get passed support when your doing it make sure you dont whip kip thats when you drive your heels behind you you can peel or your be really archy i hope that helps you i kinda explains the put pants on thing and make sure not to hold the bar to tight its easier with a looser grip so the bar kinda slides through your hands
i came soooooo close to making my kip yesterday!!!!!!! but i didnt get all the way up to front support. i kinda stoped when the bar was at my ribs/chest. but i am getting so close to getting them! im sooooo happy! :D:D:D:D:D
Sounds like you're getting the hang of it! Just keep working on it, and thinking about being hollow and doing a hollowed pike glide.
I'm learning a kip too. I always tap and it is such a bad habit. Recently I'v being getting better at avoiding tapping and my kips are improving. Also i have super long legs which makes it so much harder! ...I feel like I'm so close but just can't get up all the way (like you)! I have my coach tap my back at the very end when i'm almost in front support. Then I can make it up but have to work hard and use those muscles to get there. Ever since She's been doing this my kips have been getting so much better! Just something else you could try.
Keep practicing and GOOD LUCK!!
One of the things about learning the kip is waiting on it. Don't be so eager to immediately push to the support after you get your toes to the bar.

My cues are toes to the bar, let your butt swing back and then push.

The whole point is to generate swing from an extended body position to a shorter body position. From hollow or stretched to pike. And you have to hold that pike and not think about kicking those legs down.
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