Knee injury question?

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To make long stories short, I have been doing new vaults, half halfs and half fulls. I have not been able to twist enough and end up hurting my knees when landing (if that makes any sense!). Also, i am a huge tumbler, so I do a lot of things that are 8/9 skills. I cant seem to land any back passes because it hurts so bad. My coach usually has me sit out floor and ice or just do dance throughs and ice while everyone else is tumbling. I come home crying almost every night because of it. My mom wants to take me to the ER almost everyday but I say I am okay. If i do go to the ER and do not find anything, will they still give me a knee imbolizer or will they do nothing. I have meet on the seventh of January and dont know if i should sit it out. What should I do. I just dont want a knee imbolizer?
Well you need to see someone but I think ER would not be the place to go, simply because the wait can be hours particularly if your condition isn't life threatening and what is more they go buy youngest to oldest and given you must be over 13 you will be shoved further and further back. It sounds like you need to go to a doctor and see what he suggests. If it hurts as bad as you say it does then go to a doctor ER rooms are far too stressful
Well if you're still in the gym, i don't think you need the ER but I got a knee injury and I went to a sports medicine doctor and she basically told me what was up and I had to take a 5 week period of only bars and strength condition - no beam, floor and especially no vault. I decided to just do conditioning and focus on my schoolwork but yeah, listen to your body, it knows what hurts and what doesn't so I think you should get it checked at least! Keep me posted, yeah?

I understand your frustration. I have Osgood Schlatter Disease and it has gotten to the point where some days after practice i could not walk. One of the Dads of my teammate is an ortopaedist and i had him take a look at my knees. I was put in a knee immobilizer for my right knee for about 3 weeks. Once i didnt have to wear it anymore my knee had seemed to have gotten worse. Turns out it had just been stiff from wearing the immobilizer. Now that knee is better but not fine. My other knee is still very bad. I also have been coming home from practice crying. I have been so frustrated watching my teammates get better while i do at practice is bar conditioning. The best thing for you to do is get your knee or knees checked out by an orthopaedic surgeon. If your knees are bothering you this much you should not be doing anything that aggrivates it. I ice my knees and take advil 2 times a day and seems to help a little. This may not work for you but it couldnt hurt if you tried. I have missed a meet and may be missing more but if you have to take time off to let them heal then dont be upset. Just think, there is always someone out there that has it worsr than you. And look at the bright side... You will be getting stronger than all of your teammates with all of the conditioning:D i hope this helps
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