knee pain

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Aug 30, 2008
hi! for a little while now i have had pain in my right knee on the outside part, going down towards my ankle. it hurts most practices, but is triggered by certai things most, mostly front handspring front tucks.
when it happens its not lasting, but for a few minutes it realy hurts then feels ok again but with stil a slight pain. does anyone know what this may be?:confused:
tumbling forward? could be jumpers knee or patellar tendinitis. same thing. get a pair of chopats. wear them diligently and the problem should clear up. if it does not, and you still have the same pain or the pain changes or moves, then you need to see a physician.
Have it checked out. My dd had the same problem back in January/February and it went on for weeks on end. A doc looked at it and knew right away what was wrong. He gave her injection that took out the swelling and inflamation. Within 48 hours she felt no more pain and has not since. It might not be that simple, but if so, you will be glad you went.
i have the same problem and i went to the doctor and its called asgood slaughters( i dont know how to spell it) but i wear knee braces and ice my knees, there is no way it goes away until your done growing then the pain stops
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