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ok so my knees have always had this problem, right not more my right than my left. Actually, the problem was gone for years and now that I'm back in the gym, I just noticed the problem is back. I had some really sore thighs from landing my front handsprings way too low last week, and the thighs have been feeling better but then my knee started to hurt. It bothers me particularly if I keep it bent for any length of time, but not so much from use.

What I believe is happening is the thigh is getting tight or unevenly strong and pulling on my kneecap. So what are some good stretches I can do for my thighs, and some good strengthening exercises for the rest of my leg muslces to keep things more balanced?

Any other theories on what could be wrong with it? It's been a recurring problem as long as I can remember. My best friends mom in HS used to call it "computer knee" cause I had (still have) a habit of sitting with my feet under me while I was on the computer and if I was sitting like that too long I could barely walk for a couple minutes.

I'd love to go see a doctor for the problem but right now I'm practically unemployed and don't have insurance so since it's not bothering me when I'm actually using it, and it's not a new issue, going to the Dr isn't a priority.

My daughter had something called patella tendonitis and condramalcia (sp?) she had simialr knee pain. Maybe you could search these conditions on the net after that then search exercises for them. She did PT to help develope her inner quad muscels which were weaker than her outer quads. They said this happens quiet often. Best of luck.
thanks for the replies! I'll have to try the suggestions on the U of I site. I looked up some info on the patellar tendinitis and chondromalacia, not sure if it's either of those. The most baffling part to me is my knee doesn't hurt or feel odd in the slightest when it's in use. It only hurts right after it's not been in use, and been bent for any length of time. Although at other times I have been known to get knee pain from use, it doesn't seen to correspond with the time periods when it hurts from seemingly nothing.

It actually could be completely independent of my going back to the gym, but that's the only thing I have been doing differently or even really physical lately.

I would see a physical therapist. He/she would be able to evaluate the whole leg to determine if you have tight muscles or weaker muscles and give you proper stretches and strength to do. I would also recommend icing them after gym as a precaution.
i have a knee problem kinda like that... if i keep it bent too long or i like land really hard on it then it will tighten up and i cant bend it . it gets kinda stuck. this never happens at gymnastics, it only happens at home. i went to the doctor just for a physical and mentioned this but the dr didnt see anything wrong with it. idk whats wrong with itt
I have a similar knee pain. I feel mine in a stretched out position rather than bent, but it is the same idea.

My doctor said I have Patella Femoral Syndrome. It is a common problem, especially in athletic girls like gymnasts. The ratio between quadricep-hamstring strength in girls is 4-1 (rather than boys who have 3-2). This imbalance puts a lot of pressure on the knee joint, causing a stress. This condition is worsened by hyper-extended knees. Girls, particularly gymnasts, have the ability, as well as tendency, to hyper extend their knees. This puts even more stress on the knee joint. All of this pressure and stress can lead to a stretch in the tendons at the knee.

My doctor has said that I should do physical therapy, and I start next week. Hopefully it will help. She (and my coach) also suggested to spend time strength training the hamstring, so there is less stress on the knee. Other advice was to ice, rest, and use advil. My doctor also said to rest my knees (elevate them) whenever possible. She also reminded me that it is important to remember that feeling pain is your body's way of telling you to rest, and if you feel pain in your knee at the gym, stop. The injury will worsen and could lead to something more serious if you try to work through the pain.

Hope I helped :) and I suggest you see your doctor to get his/her diagnosis. Hope your knees feel better!

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